There's a reason that dogs are truly a man's best friend, and that is their undying loyalty to their 2-legged companions.

Dogs are known for their unconditional love towards us humans, and it's pretty safe to say that we often give that love right back.

From the smallest gesture to putting their lives on the line, you hear some pretty incredible stories about dogs having their humans backs. Keep scrolling to find out about the most faithful pooch and what it did to make sure it's owner gets to school safely every day...

They aren't called "man's best friend" for nothing...

Dogs are some of the most loyal and trustworthy animals that we humans can come by. With pups being one of the most popular pets across the world, it's clear that we all tend to share a mutual love of the fluffy little guys.

We will do anything to protect our faithful companions...

There's nothing quite as horrifying as the thought of something happening to our beloved dogs, and we often find ourselves going to extreme lengths to protect our furry little friends.

Remember the guy who punched a kangaroo for his dog?

Yep, that's right, one man actually punched a huge kangaroo that had gotten his beloved dog into a ferocious headlock. Luckily, nobody was hurt and the kangaroo hopped away with a slightly bruised ego.

Now that was an extreme case...

But we will often do whatever it takes to protect our pooches, including running out into traffic when our dogs have escaped or even breaking up a fight between your dog and the neighbors' - often resulting in some pretty nasty cuts and bruises.

But what about when our dogs look out for us?

Dogs are used all around the world in emergency services to help people in need, such as fire-rescue dogs who are there to help to sniff out people stranded in burning buildings or in the aftermath of rubble and ruins.

But pet dogs have been known to step in with a helping hand, too...

Especially when it comes to children, dogs are known to be protective and will put their lives on the line in order to protect "their human."

Back in 2007, a Doberman-Pinscher saved the life of a seventeen-month-old baby from a venomous snake by pushing the child out of the way and taking the snake bite himself.

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Luckily, he was injected with anti-venom and lived to tell the tale of his life-saving actions.

A woman's life was saved when her very own dog stopped her from choking...

She began choking on an apple when her Golden Retriever jumped up and down on her chest until the apple was dislodged and flew out according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who awarded the dog with a commendable mention.

But even when they're not saving lives, they're still always by your side.

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Showing that they have your back.

The most recent faithful dog to have warmed our hearts went viral after it made sure its owner got to school safely every day.

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And it was even there to meet her again when she finished.

Every morning the loyal pooch escorts his young owner to the bus stop.

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Where it then waits to make sure that she gets on the school bus okay.

That's right! Around the time she finishes school, her the pooch is back waiting in the same spot.

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Ready to 'pick her up' so they can walk home together.

That's certainly one well-trained dog.

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We couldn't think of a better way to get home from school!

The videos of the loyal pooch were recorded by the little girl's mother.

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Her mom, Yu Xi Ma Ma, then posted the three videos on Douyin.

In one of the videos, we see the little girl and her dog waiting for the bus.

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As it drives around the corner, the dog can be seen wagging its tail before it runs alongside the bus.

In another of the videos, we see the little girl being helped onto the school bus.

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As her furry friend stands at the doors and watches.

And as the bus drives away, it waits.

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Watching as it slowly drives down the street.

In the third video, the bus is seen returning with the little girl on it.

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And, as she steps off, her furry best friend is very excited with its tail wagging, following her!

The videos have amassed thousands of views and over 400,000 'likes', with people sharing their admiration for this clever dog.

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According to The Daily Mail, the mother said that they had kept the dog for half of a year.

You can watch the video here...

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