Ah, another day, another pet internet sensation. Whether it's a cat, dog, or something a bit more exotic... we all love a good old internet-famous pet.

And it seems the latest pet to take the internet by storm is a dog that dons a rather long nose...

Her Instagram is the cutest thing we've seen. Keep scrolling to take a look.

Another day, another viral pet.

It seems not a week goes by without a pet somewhere in the world getting a slice of internet fame.

It's becoming increasingly clear that animals rule the internet.

Whether it's cute cats or adorable dogs, it seems us humans just can't get enough.

Many pets have gone on to become superstars in their own right.

From Grumpy Cat to Boo the "teddy bear" dog, some of these pets have earnt more bucks than we could imagine.

And it seems there's a new viral sensation on the block.

One doggo has been turning heads for her unique nose.

And when we say "unique" we mean... she has an incredible 12-inch nose.

Yep, really.

Meet Eris.

Eris, a borzoi, has racked up 200,000 followers on her Instagram account where her owner, Lily Kambourian posts adorable snaps of the pooch.

Lily from Richmond, US, named Eris after the Greek goddess of strife and discord...

But the pooch's Instagram gives her the full name of Madam Eris Overbite, Queen of Snoots. We love that.

From nose to tail, Eris is 4ft 9in...

With her nose alone measuring a staggering 12.2in.

When she was a pup, Eris was born with an overbite.

"Eris was born to a litter of three in Keysville, Virginia. When we went to go visit the puppies, it was apparent they might have an overbite," Lily explained.  "This would rule them out for any dog shows as it is a genetic defect. But that didn't bother us. She came right up to us and sat on [Savannah] my partner's lap."

She continued:

We get stopped a lot when we are walking Eris because most people are trying to figure out what breed she is, but we've started finding paths through the neighborhood where we can actually get a walk done."

Despite looking longer than average, Eris' nose causes her no problems.

"We were warned when she was a puppy that she may be having dental issues, where the teeth would poke into the gums and she may have needed canines removed," Lily explained.

"But she just sort of grew past it."

"There are no issues from her long nose, she drops food everywhere but so do I. We'll give her, like, a marrow bone and she will chew on that forever in comparison to other dogs who would eat the treat very quickly."

Having a longer snout also has its advantages.

"She is very good at sticking her nose into very small gaps between couches, fences, or people enjoying a meal at a table - so certainly her pointed nose is advantageous there.

Although it hasn't been officially confirmed, Lily thinks her pooch could have a record-breaking nose.

"We hadn't really considered having records keepers verify Eris, though we wouldn't be against doing such a thing after the world was more normal. But we're not entirely sure how to go about that, to be honest!"

That's one adorable doggo!

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