Dogs and Cats Being Adorable Best Friends

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In this day and age, it is more important than ever to put aside our differences and realize what we have in common with others, even if we do not look alike or speak the same language. Of course, I am talking about cats and dogs. The two titans of the pet world have historically lived at odds with each other. Dogs are goofy and eager to please and cuddly and cute. Cats are evil, vicious monsters who take advantage of their owners and return their kindness with cruelty. (Can you tell I am a dog person?)

But yes, cats can also be cute and cuddly. And now more than ever, dogs and cats are rubbing off on each other and showing that they are adorable mush balls who might be very different but can put aside their conflicting characters and be the best of friends. It’s really inspiring…oh and cute. Did I mention it’s also cute?

I knead you

Get it? Because they are best friends who need each other, but also that cat is kneading the crap out of that very patient dog’s face.

Perfect pair

Both this dog and this cat are looking at the camera like, “Go ahead, try something on my friend. I dare ya.”

Pretty pair

This is like when your two best looking friends take a picture together and you’re like “ugh” but you can’t even be mad because they’re so beautiful.

Cuddles forever

When you go through a traumatic experience like a visit to the vet, it’s always better if you have someone who understands what you went through by your side.

Staring contest

Well, I can already tell these two will be joined at the hip from this day forward. The love in their eyes is too much!

Pet pile

In case you needed any more proof that pit bulls are sweet cuddle monsters, here’s this picture.

Happy family

Oh yes, there are teeny tiny newborn kittens cuddling up right next to this protective pup. I cannot take this much cuteness.

Mischief makers

“What mom?! We’re not doing anything! Just leave us alone, mommmuhhhhhh.”

Perfect cuddle circle

Sometimes, when I see pictures like this, it makes me wish that humans could curl themselves into balls like this.

Fluffy pillow

As a human, I have used my dogs as pillows for years, and let me just say, it is the best. Highly recommend.

Support system

You need someone who will be there for you on the good days and the bad ones. This is what best friends are really all about.


This is how you know they have total trust in and love for each other. Spooning pets for the win!


Nothing to see here, just an adorable puppy using his best cat friend as a headrest. So cute.

Mountain cuddles

Um, now I want to be this dog and cat couple who are clearly living their best lives. Nothing like cuddling with a gorgeous backdrop.

Fancy pair

This is the couple where they are so attractive and everything is just so to the point where you think something must be wrong with them, but no, they really are that perfect.

Sleepy muffins

This pair looks like they’ve just been on an adventure and they’re about ready to pass out and take a luxurious nap. I wish I could join them.

Furry friends

Nothing to see here. Just two animals with some of the most beautiful fur I have ever seen. Seriously, how are they groomed?

Best friends

Oh my gosh, when you learn that they’re cuddling up against a baby bump and you just know they’re going to be the best baby protectors.

Cat butt

Listen, when you’re best friends, you’re best friends, and sometimes that means tolerating your best friend’s butt in your face.

Pillow share

These two are too adorable. They sort of sleep the same way. You can tell they grew up together.

Face hugger

This face hugger is obviously way cuter and less monstrous than the face huggers from Alien.

Floofy fluffs

This honestly looks like the softest, most comfortable sleeping situation in the world and I wish I could join them.

Body heart

This is the definition of love. You can’t stage a better picture than this one. It’s like, a little too perfect.


I am constantly amazed at how dogs and cats can curl their bodies and bring their feet up around their heads. They’re way too flexible!

Say cheese!

How sweet are the faces of this elderly pup and his best cat friend? This is a friendship for the ages.

True romance

Like, I think they’re definitely dating. They’re like middle school kids discreetly holding hands.

Tough love

When you bite your partner and they love you anyway, that’s how you know it’s true love. (This only applies to animals.)

Legion of cats

Look at those cats. They would do anything to protect their best friend, the dog. Anything. I wouldn’t go near them if I were you.

Everything is OK

This is the most reassuring hug I’ve ever seen between two animals. They are so fluffy and cute!

New friends

Sometimes, all it takes is one good cuddle, and you’re friends for life. Share this with literally anyone because everyone would love these pics.