An exhausted Domino's worker has gone viral after he received a $0 tip for a delivery in very bad weather and, of course, it's gotten people talking...

Because right now, times are harder than ever.


Thanks to the global pandemic, millions of jobs and livelihoods have been either put on the line or completely destroyed in the last year.

So many businesses have had to close their doors for good due to the lack of income...


Resulting in a scarily high number of unemployment.

People all around the world have had to pick up temporary jobs in grocery stores and warehouses in order to make ends meet...

But some of the most in-demand jobs out there right now are, of course, fast-food and delivery jobs.

Ordering takeout food is more popular than ever...

And workers for popular delivery services such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Domino's have found themselves working harder than ever during these turbulent times.

But just because they've been kept busy with non-stop orders...


Doesn't mean they're not struggling.

Many fast-food workers and delivery drivers are paid a notoriously low wage by the companies they work for...


And often, they have to rely on tips to make ends meet - especially here in the United States.

Well, one stressed-out Domino's worker experienced this turmoil recently...


And his reaction to getting a $0 tip after working hard to make a delivery in some very bad weather has gone viral.

People are shocked over how little these workers are paid...


And have also been sharing their own experiences of working in the hospitality industry and how difficult it can be to make ends meet.

TikTok user @leaks._.world, who goes by the name Malik, posted his eye-opening video on Sunday.


The video starts by showing Malik standing in the back room of the Domino's branch where he works, surrounded by pizza boxes.

"No!" he shouts, with his head in his hands. "I don't want to work here anymore!"

His co-worker, who was filming the commotion, is heard laughing and telling him to "calm down."


"5 minutes out there in the rain, and no tip?!" he then yells, getting more and more frustrated.

Malik then screams, "No tip!"...


Before smashing his hands into the pile of pizza boxes, sending them scattering to the ground.

The video has been viewed more than 1 million times, with many expressing their sympathy...


And in response to many of the comments, Malik revealed that not only was he not tipped; the customer didn't even appreciate his work.

"If she would've gave me a dollar or even apologized for the rain that I'm soaked in I woulda been fine," he wrote.

Malik has since left his Cash App details on his TikTok page in the hope of generous donations...


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You can watch his video here.