The entertainment industry has always been riddled with controversy after controversy, but there are just some films that have not aged well at all... And now Donald Glover has spoken out about how the fear of being canceled has stopped people from being "creative."

And his words made a dramatic impact on social media.


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Now, we're all aware that there are some things that just wouldn't get the green light in 2021.

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While some people think it's because of the "snowflake generation," others have claimed it's because they are just plain offensive.

You know what I'm talking about right?

Take this as a small example. Remember the Christmas classic that is Baby It's Cold Outside?

That song was canceled in 2019 after an analysis stated that non-consensuality was the main theme of it.

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson re-wrote the late 40s track to fit in the modern era and essentially wipe out any of the controversial lyrics.

However, people claimed "cancel culture" was ruining the vintage era.

But to be honest, certain industries do need a good to cleanse and the entertainment industry is probably the biggest one.

From predatorial directors to questionable casting choices...

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There have been all sorts of controversies that were kept hidden from the mainstream media for so long.

​Idols that were known and loved were revealed as abusers or criminals.


And 8/10 times, the scandals involved abuse of power against women.

It's movies like The Graduate...

Produced in 1967, this movie isn't generally considered outdated, but highly problematic for its portrayal of one particular social issue.

If you've watched the movie, you'll know that there were several points to pick up on...

And one of the main ones isn't even the drastic age difference between leading characters or that Benjamin Braddock hooked up with Mrs. Robinson and then started dating her daughter, but it's still very questionable...

It's this part of the storyline...

So, in one scene, Mrs. Robinson "seduces" Braddock by taking him to a room and removing her clothes but later on in the film, she then goes on to falsely accuse him of non-consensual sex.

According to the FBI, however, only 8% of non-consensual activities are actually false.

But the Graduate made it seem like it was a thing women did often and very easily. Studies have stated movies such as this one actually perpetuate false accusations and can lead to issues in society...

And characters like Stinky Pete from Toy Story did not age well either...

In 2019, Disney quietly deleted a problematic scene in which Stinky Pete is telling 2 Barbie dolls that he could get them a part in the next Toy Story film before he realizes he's been caught on camera. It struck uncanny similarities to allegations of sexual misconduct during the #MeToo era between Hollywood executives and young actresses.

And of course, Pepe Le Pew.

Big yikes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pepe is not involved in any upcoming projects such as the Looney Tunes revival and Space Jam: A New Legacy.

The New York Times argued the character added to toxic culture and while some people argued that "cancel culture" was taking things too far, others agreed that Pepe was just a bad idea from the start.

James Gunn explained the concept on his Twitter account in the best way, saying this conversation is one we need to have:

He continued:

However, Donald Glover has spoken out against defending "creativity" as the fear of being canceled is making movies and TV shows "boring."

On Tuesday, ​Donald Glover came back to Twitter after a hiatus, and in a series of tweets, he talked about people's fear of being "canceled" leading to the proliferation of boring films and TV shows.

And of course, people jumped into the conversation clarifying the double meaning of his words...

He wrote this:

"We're getting boring stuff and not even experimental mistakes because people are afraid of getting canceled," he said.

​"So they feel like they can only experiment w/ aesthetic. (also because some of em know they're not that good)."

Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, is the writer, creator, and sometimes director of the multi-Emmy-winning FX comedy Atlanta.

But others were saying he is talking about literally being canceled by networks.

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