Donald Trump Caught Swearing Into a ‘Hot Mic’ on Live Television

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Is there anything that our President can do right nowadays?

Alongside the recent tragedies that have gone down in our country, President Trump seems to be constantly under fire for something… and, let’s face it, he doesn’t often help himself, does he?

Although you have to hand it to him, he has definitely created his fair share of comedic material. Now he’s been caught doing something hilarious, and people can’t stop watching.

Keep scrolling if you’re not afraid of awkward eye contact…

Even way before he was elected as President of the United States, Donald Trump was portrayed as a joke in many different TV shows and cartoons for his controversial views and argumentative attitude.

The Simpsons never held back on Trump…

The episode that was titled “The Tale of Two Trumps” aired in 2018 and mocked the president for his actions towards the White House staff, his wife, and his appearances in the media.

When the animated version of the president eventually brought himself to do this, he gasped at his reflection and said: “Oh, hello handsome!” then went on to kiss his own reflection.

Animated Trump then goes on to scold himself, saying: “No Donald! Cut it out… you’ve gotta be honest for once in your life and get one thing off your chest where you were at fault!”

It seems that The Simpsons were trying to send a message to the President…

And it’s safe to say that the President hasn’t really changed much, not when it comes to being mocked by the media anyway.

This time Trump was caught swearing into a hot mic moments before he was due to give a speech about his response to tackling the coronavirus.

The President spoke at the Oval Office, announcing a travel ban for thirty days to and from Europe.

Trump announced he’d ask Congress to provide tax relief and waivers to small businesses.

What the President didn’t know is that the millions of viewers were about to witness the moment he lost his cool.

The people in charge of Trump’s microphone turned it on too early, resulting in viewers getting an insight into the POTUS’ speech prep.

It’s thought that he must have been checking his appearance because through the mic, he can be heard sighing: “Oh f*ck. Uh oh, I’ve got a pen mark.”

The President then went on to ask for “white stuff,” that we can only imagine is some sort of Wite-Out gel, in order to cover-up his stain.

When he appeared on screen, no white mark can be seen. That’s the power of television, my friends.

I can’t imagine how stressful it must be to give a speech about his plan against a worldwide pandemic.

The speech was important to all of us across the U.S. not just because the world has been left in a panic, but because of the spread of miscommunication about the virus.  It was clearly important to him to look in control when giving his speech.

After his announcement, Trump had to take to Twitter to clarify that he was only stopping travel and not trans-Atlantic trade in goods.

After the questionable performance from the President, C-SPAN left the cameras rolling for a good few painfully awkward seconds before shutting down the stream.

The shared moment between Trump and a good few million viewers lasted ten 10 seconds too long, and we can only wonder what was on the President’s mind. Although, it was more than likely to do with his pen mark.

Although he isn’t the most reliable person to turn too in times of panic, he does provide some much-needed laughs. No doubt he’s given more than his fair share of comic material for future TV shows.