Donald Trump Falsely Declares Victory, Announces He’s Going to Supreme Court

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Trump’s latest speech has made a huge impact, as he has declared his own victory.

We’ve got a rundown of the key events that have happened so far, with all the latest developments.

And according to the Independent, polls showed that Biden and his vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, lead the way, being favored amongst 66% of voters.

Other polls predicted results that opposed each other, some thinking our current president would be re-elected, while others rounded up that we would have a Democrat on the throne.

And the first results of the 2020 election rapidly began flooding in.

It was quickly confirmed that Trump won in a number of states, including Indiana, Kentucky, and Alabama, while Biden won over the West Coast states, such as California, Washington, and Oregon.  

At the time of writing, Trump calls a win with 51.3% of the vote, while Biden had 47.8%.

He has now secured Ohio, a state that has predicted every president since 1964. As per projections from NBC News and Fox News, Trump is projected to win in Ohio, which has predicted every president since 1964.

The Republican senator has just confirmed her re-election.

“We knew this was going to go long, but who knew we would go into maybe tomorrow morning, maybe even longer!” Biden said. “But we feel good about where we are. I’m here to tell you tonight we believe we’re on track to win this election.”

It was quickly deleted from the social media platform.

Trump wins the crucial seat, earning him 38 electoral points.

He has declared his own victory, and has said he will be taking the matter to the Supreme Court.  

In his speech, he has suggested a worry that ballots would be found at “4 o’clock in the morning” which might be added to the overall count.

This is a developing story, stay posted for further updates.