Donald Trump has certainly divided the nation. | 22 Words

Love him or loathe him, it's no secret that Donald Trump is a serious kingpin when it comes to making headlines, and now here we are with another.

While visiting people impacted by Hurricane Laura, Trump signed numerous autographs and told people to sell them on eBay.

Speaking to one person, he actually said: "Sell this on eBay tonight, you'll get $10,000."


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Donald Trump has certainly divided the nation.

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Since winning his place in the White House back in 2017, President Trump has continued to divide opinions with his controversial politics and behavior.

It's been a strange couple of years...

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No one could quite believe what they were hearing when the notorious business tycoon announced his plans to run for President during the 2016 presidential campaigns.

But, this wasn't a publicity stunt.

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Donald Trump was being deadly serious about his bid for his place in the White House, and kicked off his campaign with an array of promises, such as building a wall along the border of Mexico, allowing all American's to the right to bear arms, and generally to "make America great again."

And, while some American's were disappointed by these politics...

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Others were intrigued.

And, when it came round to election day...

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The country spoke, and Donald Trump won the Electoral College with 304 votes compared to 227 votes for Hillary Clinton.

It was a landslide victory.

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And the world awoke on November 9th to see that America officially had their new leader - President Donald Trump.

And, ever since his success, it's been an eventful few years, to say the least.

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It's certainly been up and down - Trump has sparked his fair share of outrage, imposing a temporary travel ban on Muslims entering and leaving the U.S. and banning transgender people from the military, just for example. But he also passed a bill that makes animal cruelty a federal crime, and unemployment in the country is at an all-time low at just 3.6 percent.

Oh, and the infamous Mexican wall still hasn't been built.

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Though he has announced his plans to divert $7.2 million from the Pentagon for the border wall construction.

But, of course, the President hasn't been a stranger to criticism and controversy...

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Much of his behavior while acting as President has been questioned over the past couple of years, with many calling for him to be impeached, and even removed from office entirely.

And, last year...

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Talk of the President's inevitable impeachment suddenly became serious.

Trump was charged with 2 offenses.

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The first was for abuse of power. It accused the President of trying to pressure Ukraine to smear his political rival, Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden, in a bid to cheat his way into winning the 2020 elections.

It wasn't looking good.

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The President was also accused of holding back major deals from Ukraine in an attempt to get the information - $400 million of military aid, to be precise.

As for the second charge?

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The President was also accused of blocking his aides from testifying and failing to co-operate with the House impeachment investigation.

And a few months back, the President was officially impeached.

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After months of denying any wrongdoing, Trump formally joined the small club as the third President in U.S. history to be impeached.

But, not all hope is gone for the President.

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Despite his impeachment and overwhelming waves of criticism, it turns out that the President still has a strong and loyal fan base.

A while back Trump and first lady, Melania Trump, attended the College Football Playoff National Championships...

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And they were greeted with an overwhelmingly warm reception, with the crowds cheering and screaming for the couple, which makes a nice change to his usual boos. They even received a standing ovation.

The game was between No. 1 Louisiana State University and No. 3 Clemson University...

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So it comes as no real shock that the President was welcomed so warmly, considering that Trump very easily won the state of Louisiana back in 2016.

It was an exceptional response.

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The president and first lady, smiling and waving, held hands as they traversed the field from the 15- to the 40-yard line with the honor guard. They were greeted by loud cheers and roaring chants of “USA! USA!" and “Four more years!"

You can watch the moment for yourselves here...

It turns out that Trump is still a very much loved man somewhere...

And Trump himself seemed pretty pleased with the response...

And took to Twitter to thank his loyal fans. After his turbulent couple of months, this is the ego boost he needed to spur him on through the 2020 campaigns. And, to add to this, he was also voted as one of the most admirable men of 2019, tieing with only one other politician... Keep scrolling to find out who.

But now Trump has made yet another headline.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, you've probably heard all about this horrific hurricane that has devastated Louisiana.

Donald Trump visited the site.

While visiting Lake Charles in Louisiana to see the damage caused by the hurricane, Trump signed numerous autographs for people there.

But he didn't use their names.

Instead he simply wrote his own before telling those he gave them to to flog them on eBay that night.

He said:

Come here, get over here. I want a little power. Sell this on eBay tonight, you'll get $10,000. If I put your name down, it loses a lot of value. So just sell it tonight on eBay.

That's one way to help out I guess...

Numerous autographs 'apparently' belonging to Trump did emerge on eBay last night. Would you spend $10,000 for one?