Donald Trump Jr. and Ted Cruz Mocked Obama with a Birthday Cookie Cake | 22 Words

There's no one more mockable than Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Except for maybe Donald Trump Jr., first-born idiot son of the President of the United States. These two walking jokes got together for a picture during Don Jr.'s birthday celebration, and with the photo (which inexplicably also includes a cookie cake with a crude rendering of Obama's face on it), they created an other-worldly swirling vortex of stupidity that could only be sewn shut by the joke-makers of Twitter. So, for the good of humanity, people mercilessly roasted these two "men." It was quite a sight to be seen.

Senator Ted Cruz is one extremely mockable man.

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There was that time he "liked" a porn tweet. And you know that bit about how he's really the Zodiac Killer? Well, he tried to get in on that joke, and it did not go well for him. In fact, only Ted Cruz rivals Mike Huckabee for the Republican with the worst jokes.

But then there's Donald Trump Jr. He's a whole different animal.

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When he's not telling people to vote on the wrong day, he's sharing the saddest, most depressing thank you note from his father. When he's not posing awkwardly on a tree stump, he's trying — and failing — to troll late-night TV hosts who are much more adept comedians than he is. Not to mention all the Russia collusion stuff. That's bad too.

If possible, Donald Trump Jr. stooped to a new low yesterday when he posted this picture of him looking like a little kid who just got in trouble for smearing pudding on the wall, Ted Cruz looking like he's desperately trying not to fart, and an Obama cookie cake.

"With friends like these..." his Instagram caption began, "Some good friends decided that while my birthday is not for 2 weeks that they would get me an early 40th birthday cake. And what birthday is complete without an Obama cake? I figured it was so good that I would have to share it with Ted." We have so many questions. HOW are you a 40-year-old man? You look and act like a child. WHY the Obama cookie cake? Do you think it's funny to eat his face or something? What is the statement you're trying to make with that cake? WHAT is Ted Cruz doing there?

Twitter was similarly confused and disturbed. Some believed that the cookie cake picture of Obama was even "deeply racist":

And honestly, we wouldn't put it past them. Both of these men have supported politicians and policies that have espoused white supremacy. Donald Trump's entire presidency is predicated on undoing the progress Obama made. Yah, racism is alive and well in this photo.

But most people focused on just how awkward and bumbling both parties looked.

Truly, these are two of the ugliest men in the public eye, and we mean that in every sense of the word. Inside and out. Up and down. Here and there. Everywhere. We never condone making fun of someone's appearance, that is unless they are monster people who thought it was appropriate to eat the face of their former president as a joke or a slight against him. So, in the spirit of justice for Barack Obama...

Here is the most perfect tweet about this picture:

"Three faces made of mangled dough," indeed. Many pointed out that the Obama portrait is possibly one of the worst ever done. They somehow even managed to fail at disrespecting the former president.

This is truly one of the worst photos in existence, and we're sorry to keep sharing it with you, but the commentary is just too good.

One of Ted Cruz's many issues in the 2016 campaign for the presidency was his likability factor, which was zero percent. Not even people in his own party could bear to hang with the guy. And somehow, Donald Trump Jr. is the worst person in the photo.

Comedian John Levenstein had some solid feedback for Junior following the posting of the photo:

But to be fair, it's a crazy face. No one else has a face that insane, so it's got to be difficult to figure out what to do in photos.

It's amazing, but in the hours after this photo was posted, this happened:

It's true, though. There's a large portion of America that would actually prefer to have a cookie cake with a poorly-drawn picture of Barack Obama on it as president than to have Donald Trump as president.

The main takeaway from this wildly inappropriate and in all other ways strange photo is that these people are going down.

Slowly but surely, diehard Republicans and Trump apologists like Ted Cruz (and the Trump family themselves) are beginning to get what's coming to them. And it's not going to end anytime soon.