Donald Trump Jr. recently revealed that his father, former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has managed to defy all odds and actually get younger. And what's the secret to his success? Stress, apparently.

That's right, despite being constantly stressed, Donald Trump is actually thriving.


And you can see it on his face, according to his eldest son.

The forty-three-year-old posted a picture of his dad on his Instagram account a few days ago, and in the shot, the former president looked a little... Different...

Yeah, let's go with that. Different.

The favorable photo shows Donald Trump in his typical red tie, white shirt, and blazer combination, sporting a wide smile. But some people noticed that his wrinkles and undereye bags are magically non-existent now. His textured, orange skin was no more and instead, he was glowing from the inside out.

And what's his skincare secret? Stress, apparently.

While most of us break out in zits or get saggy skin due to pressure from our daily lives, it seems as though Donald Trump uses that to "fuel him."

Posting a caption alongside the shot, Donald Trump Jr. had some nice words to say: "There's some truth to this," he writes, referring to a tweet in which he used to back up his claim. "He takes the stress and it fuels him, and in all fairness, he took more crap than any other president at about 1000. Others can't handle it and they age twenty years overnight."

Twenty is definitely pushing it Jr.

And a quick Google search can confirm to us what we already know... It was most likely a photoshop job.


The photograph above was taken on August 21st, at a rally in Cullman, Alabama and as you can see, he looks a tad different from the photo posted on Instagram. Classic case of catfish fever.

But are we surprised? Not really. The political activist typically uses his social media platforms to re-post other extravagant photoshopped pictures and sometimes even ventures out to memes - this is the adult son of a former president, can I just remind you guys.

One of his latest shares (and bear with me for this one because it's pretty wild) was an image of Joe Biden's face merged with a member of the Taliban holding ice cream cones.

The significance? I couldn't tell you. But the editing was pretty bad, that's for sure.

Let's just hope this is just a phase for Donald Trump Jr., and he actually learns to move on with his life.