Donald Trump Jr. Just Told Everyone to Vote on the Wrong Day

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Happy Election Day, everybody! It’s time to get out there and perform your civic duty. Your vote matters, your voice matters, and you can make the world a better place!

Orrrrrrrrr, if you’re Donald Trump Jr., happy Regular Tuesday! It’s just a Tuesday and there’s nothing special about today, apparently! Woo! Tuesday!

This morning, Donald Trump Jr. appeared to get his days a little mixed up. We get it. Days are hard.

He told voters to “get out and vote” tomorrow. As in, November 8. The day after Election Day. Here’s the thing: Voting actually happens on Election Day rather than the day after Election Day. Weird, right?

Much to the chagrin of everyone who’s not planning on voting for Gillespie and the “entire GOP ticket.” Maybe those people actually should wait until tomorrow to vote.  

Trump Jr.’s longtime Twitter bestie/troll extraordinaire Seth Rogen couldn’t resist getting in on the story, too. Dude, indeed. How do you mess that one up? Just look at a calendar! Or your phone! We all have calendars on our phones now!

Like the possibility of going to prison, for instance. Or maybe he’s still reeling after his doozy of a Halloween costume.

He even wrote it in all caps to show that he really means it. Like father, like son.