President Joe Biden Falls on the Stairs of Air Force One | 22 Words

Yesterday evening, footage emerged of Joe Biden falling numerous times while trying to climb on board the presidential airplane.

Countless memes were made of the falling Biden, including one by Donald Trump Jr. Now, Trump Jr has found himself in very hot water for his 'violent' meme.

Scroll on to see for yourselves...

Now, President Biden has thrown himself into his new role with gusto.


Months after his move to the White House, the newly-elected president has been busy dismantling a whole array of controversial Trump-era regulations.

For example...


Mere hours after his inauguration ceremony, Biden fulfilled one of his top campaign promises by pledging to put the U.S. back in the Paris Agreement on climate change - an international pact aimed at curbing emissions that cause global warming.

Trump famously withdrew from the agreement in 2017, citing costs to American taxpayers.

And as for the country's ongoing racial division?


Well, Biden has already got to work on putting the pieces back together.

He first signed an executive order to promote racial equity.


Biden ordered his government to conduct equity assessments of its agencies and reallocate resources to "advance equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality."

He then reversed Trump's infamous ban on U.S. entry from majority-Muslim countries.


Biden's proclamation reversed Trump's policy that barred entry to the U.S. for refugees and residents from 7 predominantly Muslim countries and orders plans within forty-five days for resuming visa processing.

But, despite all his hard work...


Biden has made a few mistakes along the way...

He recently laid into Vladimir Putin, escalating the already tense relationship between the countries.

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Biden was asked if he believed the Russian president was a killer to which he responded "I do."

Following the comment, Russia recalled its ambassador from the US.


And demanded an apology.

And now, he's slipped up again.

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The president was seen falling 3 separate times as he climbed the steps of Air Force One...


And, as you'd expect, the footage has spread like wildfire online.

Watch the moment for yourself below.

Our thoughts go out to you, President Biden.

Now, the White House themselves have even spoke out about the tumble.

And what've they said? Well... They've blamed the wind!

White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that she almost fell herself...

More specifically she said:

It's pretty windy outside. It's very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself...

Another update revealed that Biden is doing completely fine following the treble fall....

Countless memes were made about the falling Biden.

Including one shared by Donald Trump Jr himself - which has been widely criticized.

Trump Jr shared a meme of his father.

He shared a meme of the former POTUS, Donald Trump, knocking Biden down the stairs.

It was an edited video.

Which depicted Trump, golfing of course, and knocking balls into Biden - ultimately knocking him over.

He's been slammed by countless people.

Saying it's strange, offensive, nasty, cruel, and just outright weird...

Take a look below:

Whatever your take on politics it's pretty weird...