Donald Trump Jr's Ex, Aubrey O'Day, Spills Trump Family Secrets | 22 Words

As election day looms, one of Donald Trump Jr's old flames has come forward with some shocking family secrets...

And it could really sway potential voters' opinions on the president.

A woman who claimed to have had an affair with Donald Trump Jr. back in 2006 logged onto Twitter shortly after the third and final presidential debate last week - and, it's safe to say, she went to town on Trump and the rest of his family.

The evidently scorned woman had a lot to say about the Trumps...

And she made some utterly outrageous claims with regards to their past antics.

Now, this kind of revelation won't come as a surprise to many of you...

Because, ever since he won his place in the White House back in 2017, President Trump and the rest of his family have consistently been embroiled in controversy and scandal.

It's been a strange couple of years...

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No one could quite believe what they were hearing when the notorious business tycoon announced his plans to run for President during the 2016 presidential campaigns.

But, remarkably, it wasn't a publicity stunt.

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Donald Trump was being deadly serious about his bid for his place in the White House, and kicked off his campaign with an array of promises, such as building a wall along the border of Mexico, allowing all American's to the right to bear arms, and generally to "make America great again."

And when it came round to election day...

The world awoke on November 9th to see that America officially had its new leader - President Donald Trump.

It's been an eventful few years, to say the least.

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It's certainly been up and down - Trump has sparked his fair share of outrage, imposing a temporary travel ban on Muslims entering and leaving the U.S. and banning transgender people from the military, just for example. But he also passed a bill that makes animal cruelty a federal crime, and unemployment in the country was at an all-time low at just 3.6 percent.

The President is no stranger to criticism and controversy...

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Much of his behavior while acting as President has been questioned over the past couple of years, with many calling for him to be impeached, and even removed from office entirely.

And, earlier this year...

Many prayers were answered when the president actually was impeached.

Trump was charged with 2 offenses.

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The first was for abuse of power, and the second was an accusation of blocking his aides from testifying and failing to co-operate with the House impeachment investigation.

But despite his impeachment...

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Trump continues to hold an awful lot of power and his fan base is still going strong... Which isn't necessarily a good thing considering the majority of Trump supporters hold far-right and very conservative ideologies.

But, despite his overwhelmingly loyal fan base...

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Times are now harder than ever for the president. Since the coronavirus pandemic took over the world back in March, there's no denying that Trump has handled it awfully.

And, when he was diagnosed with the virus earlier this month...

Many thought his campaign for re-election had well and truly gone down the gutter.

However, much to the surprise of many of us...

Trump continued to power ahead with his campaign regardless of his diagnosis, and continued to throw rallies and public events with gusto.

But now, there's one thing that could distinguish his chances...

And it has nothing to do with coronavirus, but a lot to do with his family affairs.

Enter: Donald Trump Jr's ex.

Well, kind of ex. The singer-turned-reality star, Aubrey O'Day claimed to have had an illicit affair with Trump's son back in 2006.

And, as a result...

She apparently knows a lot of the Trump family secrets.

Admittedly, Aubrey has always remained tight-lipped about her so-called affair...

Though, back in 2018, she did release a  song titled "DJT," about an ex-boyfriend who chose to remain in his relationship instead of leaving it to be with her. Rumors surfaced that "DJT" were the initials of Donald Trump Jr., who was in the midst of a divorce from his wife.

It was claimed that the president's son had an affair with Aubrey while she was filming season 5 of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Sources close to Aubrey say that Trump Jr. was the one to chase her, despite his wife, Vanessa, been pregnant with their third child at the time. “It was him who chased her," a source told Page Six. “He told her that his marriage was already in the process of dissolving."

The affair didn't last too long...

But, in the short space of time, Aubrey managed to gain an awful lot of insight into the inside doings of the infamous Trump family.

And, during the third and final presidential debate last week...

Aubrey decided to share some of these secrets with the world. Because what's better than a little bit of family scandal to warm up your Thursday evening?

She had a lot to say...

In now-deleted tweets, Aubrey dished the dirt of President Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and the "little s**t a*****e Barron." But, luckily for you, we have the screenshots. Let's take a look, shall we?

Here's her summary of what's to come.

In response to Trump attacking Biden's family, Aubrey wrote alongside a gif that reads "I have the receipts": "Since Trump has now lowered this debate to trashing family. "don jr HATES his father. - ivanka is a lesbian on the low. - eric f****d miss universe on the apprentice board room table while with his now-wife. #Debates2020." There's a lot to pack in, isn't there?

Firstly, she went in on Ivanka.

To kick off the festivities, Aubrey claimed that Ivanka "is a lesbian", and slammed her for continuing to show no support for women's rights in the administration that she "runs on the low."

She then weighed in on Trump's youngest son, Barron.

Who Don Jr. allegedly described as a "little s**t a*****e". She claimed that the bratty child once threw his plate at the flight attendant on his private jet because he didn't like the food.

She also had some eye-opening claims about Trump's track record with racism.

She wrote: "On apprentice, Trump used to say DAILY  'they think I don't like black people.. Arsenio, tell them, you are one of my blacks.' HE IS A RACIST. PERIOD."

The Trumps are yet to respond to Aubrey's claims.

What do you think? Are her allegations genuine? Or is she simply a woman scorned?