Donald Trump Tried to Make a ‘Wayne’s World’ Joke, and It Did Not Go Well

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Donald Trump has been trying to perfect the “not” joke for months now. You know that joke construction. It was popularized by Wayne’s World and you constantly used it against your siblings when you were a little kid. (“Hey, this candy bar is for you. NOT!”)

Well, Trump has tried to use it several times, and it’s actually gone pretty well!


It was a really professional move, and he impressed a lot of people with his outstanding comedic chops. Not.

“Is this coincidental? NOT!” he tweeted, which totally makes sense and is a perfect example of how to use this joke structure that isn’t at all juvenile or outdated. NOT. Obviously.

Wayne’s World came out 25 years ago, and before that, it was a sketch on Saturday Night Live. The “not” joke has lived, has died, has been resurrected, has been killed again, and now its mangled corpse is being dug up by the President of the United States. It’s not a good look.

It’s not only that he’s attempting to use this outdated joke format, it’s that he got this outdated joke format, which we’ve all used a million times and is burned into the back of our brains, super wrong.

Whether or not Donald Trump gets decades-old joke structures right, at least we can all agree that trying to craft childish takedowns of his “enemies” is a great use of the president’s time. Not.