Now that he's been out of the Oval Office for over 4 months, it seems as though some Republicans have had a change of heart...

A new poll has revealed that Donald Trump's popularity has fallen among Republicans.


Many are surprised by the results as they revealed some pretty damning points, but especially after the past year of political events...

It's no secret that Donald Trump took his 2020 election loss catastrophically.


And it seems his reputation has done lasting damage to the Republican party.

Although it's been 4 months since Joe Biden beat Trump in the election...


The sore loser that is Donald Trump is still refusing to concede to his defeat.

But the votes didn't lie!


Biden received approximately eighty-one million votes, while Trump got seventy-eight million, according to NBC News.

Never in the history of U.S elections has a president behaved so badly over his defeat.


From the moment Biden was confirmed as the winner on November 7th, Trump went on a Twitter rampage - spreading lies about how the election was "stolen" from him and how Biden was nothing but a fraud.

Trump's behavior online began to escalate to dangerous levels...


And the lies he was spreading to his followers ultimately caused the shocking scenes in Washington on January 6th.

After holding a "Save America" rally just a few miles away from the prestigious Capitol building, Trump encouraged his supporters to "take the election back" and "fight like hell"...


Which lead to thousands of them storming the Capitol and unleashing true havoc.

5 people, including 1 police officer, died on that day...


Including hundreds of others being seriously injured.

People from all around the world were horrified by the violent scenes...

And thousands began calling on Trump to intervene and to tell his followers to back down... which, of course, he refused to do along with refusing to take responsibility for the actions of the rioters.

This resulted in Trump being removed from Twitter and all other social media platforms for "inciting violence"...

And ever since, Trump has been painfully absent from all forms of social media.

Of course, we all know how much Trump loved running his mouth via social media...


So we can't imagine how much of a kick in the teeth this must have been for him.

The seventy-four-year-old was clearly in a huge sulk over his social media dismissal...

And when the day of Biden's inauguration arrived, Trump wasn't present - making him the first U.S president in decades to not attend the inauguration of his successor.

President Biden has been in power for almost 4 months now...


And although he seems to have been doing a pretty good job as the forty-sixth president of the United States, Trump really doesn't seem to think so.

At any given opportunity, Trump has viciously torn into the president for how "bad" of a job he's been doing...


Including at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 28th, in which Trump well and truly grilled President Biden and his administration.

"We all knew that the Biden administration was going to be bad but none of us even imagined how just how bad they would be and how far left they would go," he told the cheering crowd.

He yet again insisted that he had won the 2020 election, fair and square...


And that he plans to "beat them [the Democrats] for a third time" in 2024.

Of course, this was music to the ears of Trump's remaining supporters...


But to many, the mere thought of the United States being run by Donald Trump is a literal nightmare.

But a recent poll suggests Don's poor behavior has done lasting damage to his political party.


With people shocked by its results ...

A recent poll conducted by NBC News has found that the former president's popularity has fallen among registered Republicans in the one-hundred days since his reign.


It found that Republican support for the party was greater than the support for the former president, who was favored by forty-four percent of Republicans.

The figure for Republicans supporting the party without Trump stands at fifty percent.


This is the first time in almost 2 years that Republican support for the actual party is higher than for Donald Trump. The outlet reported that it is also the first time support for the GOP has reached that figure against the former president.

The overall results of the poll found that Trump was actually favorable only thirty-two percent among responders, and fifty-five percent unfavorable.


These figures are slightly worse in comparison to figures released back in January after the Capitol Riots.

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