Donald Trump Rails on Joe Biden During Wedding Speech in Mar-a-Lago

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On Saturday night, Donald Trump decided to take a golden opportunity to rip into President Joe Biden… at a wedding in Florida’s Mar-a-Lago club.

Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone…

Because the former POTUS is very well known to jump at any chance to lay into his rivals!

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Scroll on to check out his outrageous speech…

Now, although it’s been 4 months since Joe Biden officially won the 2020 Election…

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The sore loser that is Donald Trump is still refusing to concede to his defeat.

The votes didn’t lie!

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Biden received approximately eighty-one million votes, while Trump got seventy-eight million, according to NBC News.

Never in the history of U.S elections has a president behaved so badly over his defeat.

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From the moment Biden was confirmed as the winner on November 7th, Trump went on a Twitter rampage – spreading lies about how the election was “stolen” from him and how Biden was nothing but a fraud.

Trump’s behavior online began to escalate to dangerous levels…

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And the lies he was spreading to his followers ultimately caused the shocking scenes in Washington on January 6th.

After holding a “Save America” rally just a few miles away from the prestigious Capitol building, Trump encouraged his supporters to “take the election back” and “fight like hell”…

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Which lead to thousands of them storming the Capitol and unleashing true havoc.

5 people, including 1 police officer, died on that day…

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Including hundreds of others being seriously injured.

People from all around the world were horrified by the violent scenes…

And thousands began calling on Trump to intervene and to tell his followers to back down… which, of course, he refused to do along with refusing to take responsibility for the actions of the rioters.

This resulted in the former POTUS being removed from Twitter and all other social media platforms for “inciting violence”…

And ever since, Trump has been painfully absent from all forms of social media.

Of course, we all know how much Trump loved running his mouth via social media…

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So we can’t imagine how much of a kick in the teeth this must have been for him!

The seventy-four-year-old was clearly in a huge sulk over his social media dismissal…

And when the day of Biden’s inauguration arrived, Trump wasn’t present – making him the first U.S president in decades to not attend the inauguration of his successor.
Not a cool look, Don.

President Biden has been in power for 2 months now…

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And although he seems to have been doing a pretty good job as the forty-sixth president of the United States, Trump really doesn’t seem to think so.

At any given opportunity, Trump has viciously torn into the president for how “bad” of a job he’s been doing…

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Including at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 28th, in which Trump well and truly grilled President Biden and his administration.
“We all knew that the Biden administration was going to be bad but none of us even imagined how just how bad they would be and how far left they would go,” he told the cheering crowd.

He yet again insisted that he had won the 2020 election, fair and square…

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And that he plans to “beat them [the Democrats] for a third time” in 2024.

So, it’s safe to say that in the world of U.S politics…

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It’s been an exhausting few months.

Trump’s erratic rants are starting to take their toll on people…

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But the sad reality is that as long as Trump has an audience and a microphone, nothing will stop him from shouting his brash opinions for all the world to hear.

Even if it means gate-crashing a wedding.

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Yep, Trump gave a very explosive speech at a wedding at his Florida club, Mar-a-Lago, this weekend and he just couldn’t resist throwing some digs about Biden in there.
The lucky bride and groom most certainly didn’t expect this!

In footage obtained by TMZ, the former POTUS was seen wearing a tuxedo at the wedding of John and Megan Arrigo…

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And after saying a few – and very brief – words about the happy couple, Trump launched into a rant about politics and, of course, about how the election was rigged.

It was all very bizarre, we must say.

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“I get all these flash reports, and they’re telling me about the border, they’re telling me about China, they’re telling me about Iran — how’re we doing with Iran? How do ya like that?” Trump told laughing guests, who were presumably waiting for something more about the couple.

He went on:

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“Boy, they were ready to make a deal… they would have done anything. And this guy [Biden] goes and drops the sanctions and then he says, ‘We’d love to negotiate now’.”

Trump also brought up the problems at the Mexican border, saying migrant children were living in “squalor.”

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They’re “living like nobody has ever seen,” he added, apparently forgetting his own policy of deliberately separating children from their parents and keeping them in cages.
The migrant crisis is exactly what a newly married couple wants to hear about on their special day!

Trump also complained about the cost of dealing with the border issue.

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“You’re talking about massive, just incredibly massive amounts. Our school systems, our hospital systems. Everything. It’s a rough thing.”

And then – the moment everyone had been dreading – the election was brought up.

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“They said get sixty-six million votes, Sir, and the election is over [won]. We got seventy-five million votes … you saw what happened,” he said which, as we all know, has proven to be incorrect since the election numbers were counted repeatedly.

In the most plaintive moment, the former president asked, “Do you miss me yet?”

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In which people cheered and at long last, he finished with, “It’s an honor to have you at Mar-a-Lago. You are a great and beautiful couple.”

You can watch TMZ’s footage of Trump’s speech here:

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