Former President Donald Trump has ended up among the bottom 4 in a ranking of America's worst presidents.

A number of historians were consulted for the C-SPAN list, which ranks everyone who has served in the top spot for the last 232 years since George Washington took office in 1789.

Trump was ranked the lowest of all presidents who were in office during the last 150 years and the 4th worst overall. We don't think he's going to take too kindly to that news...

The list is based on judgments by 142 historians and professional observers and is the 4th iteration of the rankings by C-SPAN.

He's considered to be the worst president since just after the Civil War, according to the group of historians. But, strangely, he would still be the overwhelming favorite if he chose to enter the race for the 2024 U.S Presidential elections.


Abraham Lincoln has been ranked as number 1 in all of the previous 4 surveys that C-SPAN has undertaken. George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, and Theodore Roosevelt have been among the top 5.

Unsurprisingly, at the other end of the list, Barack Obama has gone from the twelfth best president to the tenth. Ronald Reagan came in at the 9th best, Bill Clinton came in at the nineteenth, George HW Bush at the twenty-first, and George W Bush at the twenty-ninth.

James Buchanan, who led the country through the leadup to the Civil War came out worst.

Andrew Johnson, who was Lincoln's vice president and assumed office following Lincoln's assassination was ranked as the 2nd worst.

Franklin Pierce, who served from 1853 to 1857, was ranked just below Trump.

William Henry Harrison, the shortest-serving president in U.S history, was ranked 5th from the bottom just above Trump. Harrison died after just thirty-one days in office in 1841, so his rankings are understandable.

The only president who was forced to resign because of the Watergate scandal was Richard Nixon, and surprisingly, he was ranked the thirty-first best president of the United States.

Trump is the first president in history to have been impeached twice by the White House: The first time for conditioning military aid on political favors from Ukraine, and the second time for inciting the mob of Trump supporters who stormed the prestigious Capitol building in Washington D.C. on January 6th.

Trump has dismissed criticism from historians in the past as unfair and in a 2016 interview, before becoming president, he said that experts "can't see the forest for the trees".

According to The Atlantic, Trump was not only impeached twice but he also failed to put his own national-security interests of the United States above his own political interests and he was unwilling to "marshal resources to save lives while actively encouraging public behavior that spread the disease."

Do you think Trump deserves his place as one of the worst presidents in history?