Donald Trump Says Kamala Harris Becoming Vice President Would Be ‘a Terrible Thing for Women’

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Donald Trump has slated Kamala Harris, and his reason why has shocked everyone…

Despite his presidential campaign hitting some slight issues over the last few months, he’s seemed to pull it back with his nationwide Trump rally tour in the bid to win over undecided voters.

He’s given an insight into what he thinks about Kamala Harris becoming vice president…

But it seems that he has some serious competition from his rival, Joe Biden, who has also been on a campaign mission of his own.

The election couldn’t have fallen on a worse year, but we’ve finally made it to the all-important day.

And, entering into the debate, Biden had a significant and persistent lead in the polls.

But in the weeks running up the debate, he attempted to cast doubt over Biden’s abilities, claiming that he was suffering from dementia and that he was taking performance-enhancing drugs, while his rival also made claims of his own, stating that Trump was the worst president the country has ever had.

Both Trump and Biden seemed to be having a field day throwing insults at one another, calling each other out, and constantly interrupting each other.

And it didn’t leave a pleasant taste in the mouths of viewers who were, quite frankly, left feeling unhopeful given what they had just witnessed.

However, the people of America feeling nothing short of disheartened in the run-up to the election.

And things took an ultimate turn for the worst when at the start of October, the President and the First Lady, Melania, tested positive for COVID-19. Trump insisted that they immediately went into self-isolation together and that they felt fine, but after just a few days, he was hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Centre.

He was discharged just a few days later and insisted the nation “learn to live with COVID”.

But that doesn’t mean the candidates didn’t run their own separate events, in the hopes that they could attract a few more potential voters.

And decided to continue traveling up and down the country to promote his re-election.

The president has been flying all over the country and encouraging his supporters to gather in masses to greet him… which has gone against every coronavirus precaution taken this year.

The president has actually been encouraging his supporters to attend his rallies and has even insisted that there is “nothing to worry about” with regards to the virus. Of course, this has been deemed controversial.

It seems as though the president is feeling the pressure, and has now descended into full-blown panic mode.

From low blows to inaccurate statements, Trump seems to be doing everything he can to try and win over the masses…

Especially when a lot of his tweets have been proven to be false including this one, that was proceeded by a full investigation to determine if the president was tweeting the truth.

Multiple media outlets reported that the statement to which Trump was referring to was actually a quote by his former rival, Hillary Clinton.

But it’s 2020, what else could we expect from one of the most controversial figures in political history?

Trump seems pretty confident that he’ll be re-elected in the next few days and some polls have provided support for his confidence.

Well, his confidence is admirable! But also a little bit alarming, considering the backlash he has faced over the last few months in the build-up to the election.

On the morning of Election Day, Trump spent the majority of his air-time with Fox & Friends giving his opponent, “Sleepy” Joe Biden a hard time, complaining that he got too much air time on Fox News.

Reports state that Trump turned up an hour late to the broadcast, After which he decided to attack Biden and Harris saying if they did get in, it would be a disaster for women.  

He continued, saying: “She would be a terrible first representative. If she became the first woman president, I think it would be a terrible thing for our country. I think it would be a terrible thing for women.” He then added: “I think you’d have a country that would become a socialist country. If they pack the courts, that would be a terrible thing.”

As well as pointing out all the congressional Democrats who have been “mean” to him during his time at the White House.

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