Donald Trump Says Obama Is Neither ‘Handsome’ nor ‘a Good Speaker’ in Bizarre Statement

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Our president will literally say anything, won’t he? Keep on reading to hear it for yourselves…

Another bizarre rant made by Donald Trump.

We’re all aware that Donald Trump and former Democratic president, Barack Obama, don’t exactly see eye to eye…

And ever since Trump was elected as president, the pair have constantly made vicious jabs at one another about their methods of running the country.

And it seems that now, Trump has finally snapped.

Or maybe the president is just speaking the truth? Well, keep on reading to see what you think…

As we approach the end of the year, it can only mean one thing… it’s almost election time.

And it’s been an exhausting journey coming up to it, to say the least.

But it seems that he has some serious competition from his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

But it has been powering on ahead… despite many major setbacks.

And things took an ultimate turn for the worst when at the start of October, the president and the first lady, Melania, tested positive for COVID-19. Trump insisted that they immediately went into self-isolation together and that they felt fine, but after just a few days, he was hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Centre.

He was discharged just a few days later and insisted to the nation that all we need to do is to “learn to live with COVID,” which was very concerning to hear.

Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and many other states have seen the president strut through followed by hundreds of maskless supporters following behind.

And Barack Obama has decided to weigh into the election.

And he well and truly unleashed on Trump.

And, following his speech, reactions came in strong.

“I never thought Donald Trump would embrace my vision or continue my policies, but I did hope for the sake of the country that he might show some interest in taking the job seriously. But it hasn’t happened.”

“He hasn’t shown any interest in doing the work, or helping anybody but himself and his friends, or treating the presidency like a reality show he can use to get attention. Even then, his TV ratings are down, so you know that upsets him. But the thing is, this is not a reality show, this is reality. The rest of us have had to live with the consequences of him proving himself incapable of taking the job seriously.”

Obama went on to rip into Trump’s response to COVID-19. “Donald Trump isn’t suddenly going to protect all of us. He can’t even take the basic steps to protect himself,” he said.

It was utterly savage…

And obviously, it didn’t take long for Trump to hear what Obama had to say about his methods of running the country.

Well, the president decided to embark on a bizarre and heated rant during one of his rallies.

He started by mocking the crowd sizes of the democratic rallies being held by the former president, with him saying: “You know how many people he’s drawing at these rallies? Like, he’s drawing flies. Twenty… thirty… forty… [people]. Not quite this crowd. Oh, did you see the other day? Did you see the other day, Mr. Congressman? He had forty-one people, but the press never shows that. They show him speaking. And he gets up, and then they say, ‘Oh, he’s so rhetorically good’.”

“I never thought he was a good speaker, personally, I really never did. Then, they say, ‘He’s so handsome. He’s so handsome.’ Oh, OK. Alright.” But soon enough, Trump’s criticism was seized by Twitter and people started commenting on how Obama was actually better than the current president in so many ways.

A person being handsome or not has absolutely nothing to do with their abilities to run a country.

Even though he’ll never admit it!

Well, this tweet says it all.

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