Donald Trump broke tradition on Thursday by opting to shake hands with every single Air Force Cadet graduating from the US Air Force Academy.

The president attended the ceremony to praise the academy and its graduates, announcing to the crowd that he'd declined the offer to only shake hands with the "top of the class" cadet.

However, despite the happy occasion, the President still had to avoid some difficult questions before boarding his flight to the ceremony following a turbulent week...


Trump arrived at the event in Colorado Springs to deliver his commencement address.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump travelled to Colorado to address the U.S. Air Force Cadets, who were becoming second lieutenants. During his speech, Trump expressed how proud he was of the graduates, saying: “You truly make America proud, you make us all proud".

The president stayed at the ceremony much longer than planned...

During his speech, the announcement that he would be shaking every cadet's hand was met with cheers. "You can shake one hand, to the one person, top of the class. You can shake 10, 50 or 100, and you could also stay for 1,000. And I'm staying for 1,000, OK?," Trump announced to the crowd.

Traditionally, the president only shakes the hand of the top cadet.

Trump told the graduates that when given the option to just shake the hand of cadet who was "top of the class," he refused, telling the crowd that: "they gave me a choice. They said, sir, you don't have to shake any hands, some people do that". However, the President was quick to break tradition and extend his visit,  staying for over an hour to salute and shake each of their hands.

Trump had been looking forward to addressing the newly-graduated cadets...

The president told reporters before he left for the graduation that the event is "very exciting" for him while praising the academy, calling it an "amazing place". While on the plane to Colarado, he also tweeted: "Getting ready to deliver the commencement speech at the Air Force Academy graduation. Very exciting - probably will be broadcast live on TV. They want good ratings," expressing his excitement.

Trump tells the new graduates that the "sky is never ever the limit".

While delivering his scheduled speech, the president encouraged the graduates to believe that the "sky is never ever the limit" and praised the academy for its work. "To dominate the future, America must rule the skies. And that is what your time at this great academy has been all about - preparing you to do whatever it takes to learn, to adapt and to win, win, win,"  he told the crowd.

Trump took to Twitter to share his congratulations to the "Class of 2019"...

Today, Trump shared a video of the ceremony on his Twitter, once again congratulating the Air Force Cadets on their graduation.

However, before attending the ceremony, Trump had to doge some difficult questions...

The ceremony comes soon after a bad week in politics, following the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Before flying to the ceremony, the President spent nearly twenty minutes defending himself from impeachment attacks and answering other questions piled on by the press.

"The greatest presidential harassment in history".

Two years ago, a Special Counsel investigation was launched into whether there was Russian interference in the 2016 election. The president's campaign was cleared of any attempt to sway the election, but the report didn't say whether or not he obstructed justice. However, the President hit back saying the investigation had been the "greatest presidential harassment in history".

Trump managed to put the week aside to celebrate the graduation.

Trump didn't mention the investigation in his speech, instead, celebrating the Air Force graduates.

However, in the wake of Trump's impending visit to the UK, one Royal Family member won't be attending...

Ahead of President Trump's scheduled visit the UK in June, it's been announced that Meghan Markle will not attend any of the events.