Donald Trump Toilet Paper On Sale So You Can Dump With Trump | 22 Words

Have you ever been sat on the toilet, bored, having forgotten your phone and with little else to look at, ripped a segment of toilet paper off and wondered why it's always plain white paper and not something more inventive? Each segment being a little canvas just begging to be used to illustrate at least something!

Well someone certainly has...and something bizarre has come from the lightbulb moment. As a middle finger held up to Donald Trump, someone has decided to print his face onto the loo roll and it's selling fast.

Now it's hit the shelves, people are stocking up and each trip to the toilet is more than just a means to an end, it's something to look forward to, it's now become a political statement!

He Wouldn't Be Happy

Or would he? Maybe he'd be flattered to have his face printed onto something that's traditionally blank, he'd maybe even TP The White House with it.

He's on a roll...

Who wouldn't want this lying around the house? "Lying" pun intended... The paper can be bought  here

So wrong...

I guess it can be deemed as wrong to have anyone's face on something designed to clean up mess...the irony of Trump being used to clean up mess I hope isn't lost on you...


It's also ironic that Donald Trump's face is all over the paper...imagine the amount of forrests they'd have had to destroy to get that paper....


Remember, not only would you use this paper when you're sat down on the'd also get to blow your nose on it too, fun fun fun!

If you're feeling flush...

It doesn't come cheap, around $ it worth it? Yeah...

Perfect for Christmas

What a perfect gift for Christmas, especially given that if you give it to the wrong person and they start to cry, you can offer them a tissue almost instantly. Clever.

Speaking of crying...

Another good gift option, if you want a shoulder to cry on this Christmas, is this boyfriend arm cushion...

Perfect company!

It's always nice to be wrapped up warm with with a boyfriend that can't talk back, or fart, or make you watch boring documentaries on Netflix when all you want to do is watch an episode of Friends you've seen 2000 times before, but aren't bored of yet...

The second weirdest gift...

On the topic of pretty generic things that are spiced up for no real reason, ever wanted an anus shaped chocolate? Well if so, feel free to view them here

Part of the gang

Or pick up one of these "thug life" hoodies for your dog or cat. They'll feel like part of the gang in no time.


When trying to get over an ex, many people find happiness at the bottom of a glass by finishing a this case you can find happiness at the bottom of a glass when your ex finishes their drink.

Best mug ever?

Some see the face of Jesus in the burn marks of their toast...well ever wanted to see Nicholas Cage's face on the side of a mug?

Beer Belly

It does exactly what it says on the tin...a belt you can wear, that's full of beer.


The world's inventors are really working on the right things these days...we don't need cures for any diseases!

Last years best seller

Yup, last years best seller (cellar?) was this portable  glass that can fit onto the top of any wine bottle...

Head over heels

Ir's not Christmas without a few too many glasses of wine. Well, there's too many and then there's too many....


Bored of your baby looking too much like...a baby. Well trick him or her into wearing a fake moustache with this moustache dummy.

Face Off? Face On!

Face On coushion that is. A cushion that seems normal but rub it up the wrong way and you've got yourself a Nicholas Cage cushion.


Yup, it seems like Nicholas Cage is the only person who's rivaling Donald Trump for having his face pasted all over inanimate objects this year!

The weirdest one yet?

Some people find popping spots satisfying. Get the urge to splurge on something? This pimple popping game...

Spend Spend Spend

There's lots of novelty gifts out there, it's going to be a pricey Christmas for all those who are gadget addicted.

Shut Up and Take My Money

There comes a time in all of our lives when we have to treat money like oxygen, it belongs in circulation. Go crazy and splash out on these mad gifts, you'll not regret it.

Make someone happy

There's a good chance these novelty presents are a lot funnier for you than the person you're giving it to, especially if they buy you a car or a diamond ring  and all you give them in return is toilet paper with the President's face on it...

Go Cheap

Or be more inventive with your present's the thought that counts...

Christmas is Coming!

We're all excited...the best holiday of the year is almost upon us...Egg Nog, Yule Log, Mulled Wine...dancing Santa's....

Get Excited!

One last blow out before our fickle New Years resolutions are made and then ultimately broken within a week...make the most of it! It's the MOST wonderful time of the year....