Donald Trump Claps Back At Snoop Dogg’s Violent Music Video

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Snoop points a gun at the Trump stand in and pulls the trigger. Instead of bullets, the gun emits a “bang” flag, but the reference to violence was still widely criticized. Senator Marco Rubio even weighed in, saying: “Snoop shouldn’t have done that.  

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, told TMZ he was “shocked” by the video and said the rapper “owes the president an apology.”

“There’s absolutely nothing funny about an assassination attempt on a president, and I’m really shocked at him, because I thought he was better than that,” he said. Always calm, cool, and collected, Snoop had this to say about the backlash: “When I be putting shit out, I don’t ever expect or look for a reaction. I just put it out because I feel like it’s something that’s missing.”

Which side of the beef are you on?