Donald Trump has today revealed what he plans to do with Joe Biden's winning states...

And let's just say, it looks like he won't be going down without a fight.

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As he continues to fight for re-election, Trump has today come forward with some wild plans for his opponent's winning states. But first, let's take a quick look over this year's eventful election cycle...

It's been one hell of a journey.

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Back in August, when it was announced that Joe Biden would be going head-to-head with Donald Trump as the official Democratic nominee, we knew this race was going to be filled with ups and downs.

But with the end in sight, the 2020 presidential elections have given us more than we initially expected.

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While both sides made the best out of an exceptional situation - the ongoing coronavirus pandemic - they also fell victim to some strange habits, including name-calling, late-night ramblings, inaccurate tweets, and misquotes.

And, of course, there have been many panic moments.

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As Trump's numbers dwindle just behind Biden's, the president, presumably in a wild panic, resorted to making many wild and illegitimate accusations against his opponent.

And, in this afternoon's conference, he only reiterated his panic further.

But first, let's take a quick look at the key events during this wild election cycle...

To sum things up, the first presidential debate diminished the last bit of hope we had.

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The Guardian described it as a "national humiliation" watched by global audiences, if that's anything to go by. Rather than discussing the pressing issues that were plaguing the country, the 2 nominees resorted to hurling insults from either side of the podium.

And the chance to redeem themselves was stolen as the second debate got canceled.

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Due to the president's potentially contagious self, the second debate was forcibly canceled, though the rivals still held their own separate events where they discussed all the topics they couldn't go into detail about the first time. Public opinion on who performed the best was divided.

And the third and final debate was probably the best of them all, only because of one thing...

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Muting the opponent's mic while someone else was speaking. Who knew such a simple tactic would be so effective? The final debate, which took place in Tennessee, saw both candidates discuss several of the country's problems, including the coronavirus pandemic, social movements, and climate change.

But of course, it didn't come without some last-minute digs.

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Well, what else were we really expecting?

This week, the big day finally arrived.

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On November 3rd, the polls officially closed and the ballot counting began... but, this year, things are proving to take a little longer than usual.

Back in 2016, the winner was announced in the early hours of the following day.

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When it was announced that Wisconsin had voted red and ultimately pushed Donald Trump over the 270 electoral threshold, Hillary Clinton conceded defeat and our new president was announced.

But this year, due to the large number of mail ballots, we will be waiting a little longer for the overall results.

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And, so far, it's proving to be an incredibly close call between the two candidates.

Nearly 100 million had already cast their vote before election day...

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And according to the initial polls showed that Biden and his vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, lead the way, being favored amongst 66% of voters.

But between the people that voted on election day, 69% of them favored Trump.

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Other polls predicted results that opposed each other, some thinking our current president would be re-elected, while others rounded up that we would have a Democrat on the throne.

However, at the time of writing, Biden holds the lead.

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Biden currently holds 264 electoral college votes, while Trump lags behind with only 214.

Of course, this could all change dramatically as the 5 final states get their votes in...

But it's needless to say that Trump is seriously panicking.

The president has made various claims - all unproven, of course - about the legitimacy behind Democratic votes...

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And has even accused Biden of rigging the entire election against him.

The cracks have started to show...

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And, while Trump continues to insist that he holds a strong lead in the election, he has clearly been thinking about what he will do if he doesn't win.

He Tweeted this:

"All of the recent Biden claimed states will be legally challenged by us for Voter Fraud and State Election Fraud. Plenty of proof - just check out the Media. WE WILL WIN! America First!"

Of course, many have taken his Tweet with a pinch of salt...

And have even seen it as a sign of his blatant fear. Make sure to stay posted for further election updates.