Donald Trump's Latest Deleted Tweet Turns Every Twitter User Into a Comedian | 22 Words

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, our President sent out a tweet — which he is known to do — but this one had people just straight up confused.

via: Twitter

... "covfefe"?? More than an hour went by and it still wasn't deleted, leaving people to wonder if he truly meant to write that. Or was it a typo? Was it code? Did he get distracted by the thought of delicious chocolate cake?

As the hours went by — and Trump aides presumably wrestled his phone away from him — the internet decided to take whatever the heck "covfefe" was and Twitter quickly became ripe with users who had plenty of jokes aimed at Trump's slip-up.

Maybe it wasn't a typo?

There were many theories.

And it brought on the memes.

Even the dictionary got involved:

And Urban Dictionary:

And then SIX HOURS LATER, he deleted the tweet and sent this out:

It was a wild ride while it lasted.