Donald Trump's Mic Was Cut During the Final Debate and Twitter Lost It | 22 Words

One of the most shocking moments of last night's presidential debate was when Donald Trump's microphone was cut, and Twitter has absolutely lost it.

Keep on reading to see it for yourselves...

Last night, Donald Trump and Joe Biden met for the last presidential debate less than 2 weeks before election day.

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After months of mounting tensions, Trump and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, faced each other for one last time.

The debate took place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee...

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And was moderated by NBC News correspondent, Kristen Welker.

It was equally as crucial for both Trump and Biden...

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Because, though Biden has a significant lead in the national polls, the gap between him and Trump is gradually reducing in the battleground states.

However, the evening ran a little differently from the other debates.

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Remember the first presidential debate, wherein Trump and Biden incessantly spoke over and interrupted one another?

It was utterly shambolic, wasn't it?

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And the second debate fared no better.

Following President Trump's coronavirus diagnosis, a virtual debate was pitched...

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But, of course, the president refused point-blank to do this. So, in a historic first, the second debate was canceled and both candidates went on to attend their own town hall events - on different channels, at the exact same time. 

And, in order for the third event to actually take place (and in an orderly manner...)

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The Commission on Presidential Debates came up with a new rule.

The ninety-minute debate was divided into fifteen-minute segments...

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And at the start of each new topic, each candidate had 2 minutes of uninterrupted time during which the opponent’s microphone was firmly switched off.

Both campaigns agreed to the new rule...

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And, as has been done before, the moderator ensured that equal amounts of time were given to both the speakers over the course of the ninety minutes.

Of course, anticipations for this crucial event were high...

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Mainly because this is Trump's last chance to salvage the little reputation he has left.

But, almost instantly...

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The president seemed to be struggling with the debate's new "no interruptions" rule.

I mean, we all knew this would happen, didn't we?

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Admittedly, Trump allowed Biden to have his say (though this may be thanks to his muted microphone).

But his face really did say it all.

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Trump doesn't have the best poker face in the world and gave away his struggle with silence last night.

And, of course, people were quick to point it out online.

Twitter users have been laughing at Trump's "hilarious" attempt at keeping quiet as Biden speaks.

Facial expressions aside, over the course of the debate, several topics were covered.

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Including the coronavirus pandemic, the environment, immigration, and foreign policy.

The exchanges were sharp, to say the least.

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And some even pointed out how much of a calmer performance Trump gave compared to the previous debate.


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It didn't take long for the president to go back to his usual old ways.

Trump was the first candidate to have his microphone harshly cut off due to him speaking too much when discussing healthcare...

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And Twitter was absolutely living for it.

Here's the iconic moment...

And believe me when I say this, Trump didn't look happy about it! Make sure to stay posted for upcoming election updates.