This week, Donald Trump makes his second state visit to the United Kingdom. While there, he's expected to be spending more than a little time with the Queen of England. For most of us, this sort of royal audience would be a nerve-wracking prospect - but then, Donald Trump is not like most of us, is he?

As he lands on UK soil, many have their whole bodies clenched in anticipation of what could possibly go wrong next. But recent reports have revealed that Trump making a blunder would not exactly be unheard of. In fact, during his last state visit, the President made many huge errors of judgement and behavior. But one, in particular, was so heinous that people are still talking about it now...

There are a few words which instantly spring to mind when thinking of Donald Trump.

Even those who are staunch fans of the President would find it hard to deny that he's opinionated, loud, brash, self-important, and tends to err on the side of rude.

Which may well be a part of the reason that he's gotten to where he is today.

But it could also end up being the catalyst for his eventual downfall. A man with this sort of personality being in the public eye (and in charge of one of the most powerful countries on earth) is pretty frightening.

Because it's hard to believe that he's not on the verge of something terrifying.

Trump seems to rarely think his actions all the way through - and, for a man in a position of such power, it would be pretty easy to make a huge mistake. This is a source of fear for the world.

Taking a look at his track record doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Trump is well known for making a wide range of far-reaching mistakes online. The internet is almost like a graveyard of past poorly-made Trump decisions.

Which also means something else.

Many of those who make a habit of staying up to date with Trump's online activities find themselves waiting, anxiously, for the next huge scandal to blow up.

After all, he has a history.

Remember when he did this bizarre (and hugely offensive) "impression" of a reporter with disabilities?

He's pretty well known for his childish pettiness.

For example, his response to being called out by Meryl Streep was to try to take a jab right back at her, accusing her of being "overrated".

He's also demonstrated this in other instances.

For example, his response to the flag burning issue. Wouldn't it be nice to have a President with some fundamental understanding of the rights to freedom of speech?

He actually seems to have a pretty loose grasp on a lot of concepts.

For example, when the Women's Marches were taking place around the world, Trump wondered out loud why they hadn't voted in the US general election. We've got a little idea...

And let's not forget this classic.

Not only is this an incendiary and incredibly prejudiced tweet, he also totally made up a new word. Two for two!

There's a lot to unpack here.

Denying global warming is one thing - but claiming that the fact that it's not always consistently warm is proof against it takes a whole new level of naivete.

And who could forget this classic blunder?

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In a now-deleted Tweet, Trump appeared to make a bizarre typo, then decided to send out the nonsensical message anyway, almost breaking the internet in the process.

Trump is on another state visit to the UK this week.

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And, as he has proven with his track record, the potential for making a huge, embarrassing mistake while there is worryingly high.

And people are particularly concerned about one thing.

Because of Trump's state visit, he's going to be spending a lot of time with a very important lady - Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The pair have actually met before.

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He made a working trip in the summer of 2018, during which he spent a fair amount of time with the Queen. And, as you may expect, the visit didn't exactly go without hitch.

In fact, there were a few different issues with Trump's behavior.

He pushed the boundaries of protocol when interacting with the queen in a variety of ways - and one of them, in particular, caused quite the scandal.

Which has got a few people worried.

Since we know that he's going to be spending yet more time with the Queen, people are pretty tense about what his next big mistake will be. Because his last performance was far from exemplary.

This was one of his many errors.

Trump came out of a confidential meeting with the Queen and was more than happy to reveal to Piers Morgan pretty much exactly what she'd told him. Let's face it - we all have a friend like this. Although that friend isn't usually the leader of the free world...

Trump was very chatty about what had gone down behind closed doors.

"She said it’s a very – and she’s right – it’s a very complex problem. I think nobody had any idea how complex that was going to be. Everyone thought it was going to be ‘Oh it’s simple, we join or don’t join, or let’s see what happens,’" he offered. Oops!

And that wasn't all.

Trump made yet more errors when engaging with the royal. Another move he was widely criticized for? He mistitled the Queen, calling her "Her Royal Majesty," rather than the accepted term, "Her Majesty".

Although some think that this isn't such a big deal... but you can see for yourself.

While this is probably not the worst thing he's done (we'll get to that later), it's still emblematic of Trump's general lack of preparation for his role and concern for others.

But there was one incident, in particular, that Trump really got into trouble for.

During his last visit to the UK, Trump walked with the Queen on a tour of the guards of Buckingham Palace during which some noticed that his behavior was a little disrespectful.

Twitter drew particular attention to one poor move on Trump's part.

During the walk, he stepped directly in front of the Queen, presenting his back to her. Not only is this widely recognized being as poor manners but, in terms of royalty, it's an even bigger no-no.

Although, we doubt that the Queen read too much into it.

It's more an issue of Trump not thinking before he acts, and refusing to consider learning about customs that he might not know about. But then, that's part of a larger pattern for him.

Judge for yourself!

We've got the clip right here for you to watch. Do you think that this depicts Trump being rude and offensive? Or is he simply a faster walker?

People are left worried about what Trump will do next.

With one "mortal insult" under his belt, what on earth could he do next to insult the Queen and alienate royal family supporters?

It looks like he's already got started.

Instead of opting for a traditional greeting, it seemed to transpire that Trump opted for something more akin to a fist bump when meeting the Queen in public this time around...

We wonder what the Queen made of it.

Even though it doesn't appear that she's been particularly offended by his strange behavior so far, it's not painting his visit in a great light.

And people are left waiting for the next incident.

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Many feel sorry for the Queen having to spend so much time with Trump on these visits. If you ever think that your job is hard, you can be thankful that you aren't a head of state!

Perhaps Trump will do something even worse this time.

We never thought that we'd say this, but we're glad that we aren't members of the royal family this week!