Dormouse Gets Stuck in a Bird Feeder After He Ate So Much He Got Too Fat To Escape

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A very round dormouse has gone viral this week because of it’s particularly “chonky” nature. And just to add some more adorableness to an already adorable pot, we’ve compiled a list of pictures of other chonky animals for your viewing pleasure.

Happy scrolling!

This adorable koala was in the middle of yawning when this photo was captured. I’m in love!

This is the chonkiest dog I’ve ever seen!

It’s the eyes, they’re so cute!

I wonder how this guy carries himself around with all that chonk!

I bet you never thought you would see a chonky baby hippo swimming in the deep. Well, now you have.

Wow. Just wow.

Imagine having this little guy as your pet, aw!

Look at this little guy!

This cutie is drowning in its own fur, that’s how chonky it is!

Now, this is the definition of chonky!

I really want to adopt this adorable puppy! Aw!

A man saw this guy while on vacation and couldn’t help but snap a picture of him.

Imagine if you looked up and saw this pigeon staring at you… I’d be freaked out.

I bet you never thought a sting-ray could fall under the category of chonky, did you?

I hope this guy isn’t sad because he’s chonky! He’s adorable!

These chonky alpacas are besties and love hanging out together!

Look at him just resting on the floor like that. Aw!

One chubby lil’ mouse was spotted trapped in a bird feeder this week.

But had then eaten so much they couldn’t get out again!

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