7 Dos and Don'ts For Sleeping While Pregnant | 22 Words

There's a lot that's uncomfortable and exhausting about pregnancy, so it's understandable to want sleep any way you can get it.

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But there ARE some pretty useful dos and don'ts for sleeping while pregnant.

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Some are for you, and others for the baby.

#1. Sleep on your side if at all possible.

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The American Pregnancy Association recommends this.

#2. If you're able to sleep on either side, sleep on your left side.

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This orientation allows more blood and nutrients to reach the placenta which means more for the baby.

#3. Sleeping on your stomach is fine, but avoid your back.

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When on your back, the uterus, which is increasing in size, can cut off veins going to your spine.

#4. Pregnancy pillows can be a huge help in avoiding sleeping on your back.

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#5. Don't overdo liquids prior to bedtime.

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You're already going to the bathroom a lot more when pregnant, so there's no need to interrupt your sleep more with extra bathroom trips.

#6. Try to wear looser clothing when sleeping, all in the name of comfort.

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#7. Most importantly...don't stress about this stuff too much.

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Worrying about what's right and wrong shouldn't cause you to lose sleep. If you wake up to find you were sleeping on your back, don't get too upset about it. A low-stress pregnancy is perhaps the most important thing you can give yourself and your child during this time.