Yes, you read that right - Dr. Pepper has created it's very own range of cotton candy and it's now on sale on Amazon, ready for you to order.

Now, we all know that Dr. Pepper is fantastic…

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​Dr. Pepper is a carbonated drink created by Charles Alderton in the 1880s in Texas. Introduced to the US in 1904, early advertisements for this soft drink made medical claims, stating that it "aids digestion and restores vim, vigor, and vitality."

​As with Coca-Cola, the formula for Dr. Pepper is a trade secret…

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Allegedly the recipe is kept as two halves in safe deposit boxes in two separate Dallas banks. A persistent rumor since the 1930s is that the drink contains prune juice, but the official Dr. Pepper FAQ refutes this with "Dr. Pepper is a unique blend of natural and artificial flavors; it does not contain prune juice."

​Well, Amazon is now stocking Dr. Pepper in candy floss form…


With reviews boasting how wonderful it truly is, "This cotton candy tastes just like Dr. Pepper. I will be purchasing more!" One happy customer wrote. For less than $10 you can make all your friends jealous while you chow down on the sweet delight of Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy.

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