Viral Twitter Thread Reveals the Inside of Dr. Phil’s Completely Bizarre Mansion

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Dr. Phil listed his Southern California mansion for sale. And although this doesn’t sound like big celebrity news, the listing went viral. Not because of the beautiful views, landscape, the generous amount of living space, or the $5.75 million price tag, but because of the design choices that are just unquestionably bizarre.

Images of Dr. Phil’s lavish home exposed how kooky the interior design is. Nothing like you’d imagine the self-help expert to have. The exterior of the mansion makes it seem like it’s totally normal, but the images of the inside are where things took a turn and revealed some eye-opening home decor. The mansion prominently features a wall of guns in the dining room area, a room with a pool table decked out with large claws, and a grand staircase with freakishly large vines encircling it. It’s…. something.

The internet could not help but roast Dr. Phil and his bizarre mansion. Twitter blew up after the pictures of the mansion hit the internet and the tweets that followed captured what we were all thinking.

Who is a self-help expert, also known as Phil McGraw.

Though he no longer holds a license to medically practice.

According to Dr. Phil’s Wikipedia page, Oprah was so impressed with Dr. Phil he appeared multiple times on her show and was soon offered his own show to be produced by Harpo Productions.

Not bad for an unlicensed doctor.

Does anyone remember the “Catch Me Outside” girl? She went viral after her appearance on the show.

It was an April Fool’s joke. There is no way Dr. Phil would really shave his million-dollar mustache.

So we know Dr. Phil has made it big in Hollywood.

And he’s obviously very good at doing it on television.

Dr. Phil may be good at psychology, but from the looks of his South California mansion, home design is not.

Which is not an usual story for a celebrity. Many of them list homes for sale all of the time.

As did everyone else.

It’s just strange.

I mean, he just seems very basic. But I guess I was wrong.

As always, Twitter never disappoints.

It’s truly otherworldly, but not in a good way.

The LA Times article was written by Jack Fleming covers luxury LA real estate.

Displayed in a dining room of all places. Imagine a family gathering that goes wrong in this space. Yikes!

Only Dr. Phil understands it, hopefully.

I wouldn’t be able to sleep either.

It’s like something straight out of the gaudiest Las Vegas hotel room.

Beetlejuice is exactly what I had in mind. Followed closely by The Haunting with Catherine Zeta Jones.

This was literally a thought I had when I was looking through the listing.

I have so many questions.

They’re not wrong.

There is definitely something very off about Dr. Phil’s choices in decor.

Which makes a whole lot more sense. Records show that the home was purchased in 2007 through a family trust. Still weird though.

Seems a bit too gaudy for Tim Burton but I guess I can see some of it being inspired by him.

I snort-laughed at this tweet because is just too accurate.

As ugly as they are, some of it might be worth thousands.

The lifestyles of the rich and famous are so interestingly weird.