‘Friends’ Edition Of Cards Against Humanity Is Here

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For those who enjoy their humor slightly on the offensive side, Cards Against Humanity is the party classic.

It combines pop culture references with some dark and sinister scenarios with the aim of coming up with the most horrifying and hilarious answers possible.

Players vote for their favorite and the winner wins … well, nothing. It just means they have the darkest imagination.

Over the years, fans of the game have created their own expansion packs.

The genius of Cards Against Humanity is the game’s formula because it can be applied across many topics, making it ripe for more customized versions.

The latest one to hit the shelves? An expansion pack based on everyone’s favorite ’90s sitcom.

The pack hit the online market recently and fans are already excited to see what mayhem they can create!

When it launched in 2011, Cards Against Humanity shocked the world.

It totally revolutionized the world of party games. Once thought of as harmless, they’ve suddenly become super edgy.

The tagline really summed up the game.

The aim? To come up with the most shocking and offensive answers to a range of popular culture based questions with hilarious results.

Because these cards didn’t pull any punches.

There’s no subject that’s out-of-bounds when it comes to Cards Against Humanity. Whatever taboo subject you can think of, it’s all fair game.

Sometimes, the cards come together perfectly.

It’s hard to believe that there isn’t some element of fate involved with certain Cards Against Humanity combinations.

Many have a satirical bite.

References to politics, music, film, television and celebrities, all come together to create a truly hilarious game.

Although the game is not for the faint of heart.

Some of the answers don’t just push the boundaries – they step way, way out of line.

Which means one thing.

You have to be careful who you choose to play with because this game can turn sour really quickly.

Nonetheless, if you choose the right crowd, it’s a good time.

There’s nothing quite so liberating as letting your imagination run wild and letting yourself be as offensive (and shocking) as you feel fit.

Which isn’t to say it’s all fun and games.

Often, you’ll come up with an answer that you think is absolutely ingenious, only to receive absolutely no votes from the other players.

There’s another problem too.

Although each set of Cards Against Humanity is pretty extensive, it’s still finite meaning you can run out of options.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

Fans of the game have taken to making their own expansion packs. These can be generic extras to the set but they have also been based on particular themes.

Over the years, there have been some excellent expansion packs.

A popular choice was one based around everyone’s favorite fictional paper company, Dunder Mifflin and accompanying TV show The Office.

There are many others too.

A recent addition to the Cards Against Humanity Family was a Harry Potter expansion pack which is, by all accounts was truly brutal.

It’s a genius idea.

There’s nothing better than using your knowledge of a particular fictional world to make truly horrendous jokes at its expense.

So, a certain subset of fans can now get excited.

Because there’s a new addition to the Cards Against Humanity expansion pack family, based on cult ’90s sitcom Friends.

People are pretty excited.

Both Friends and Cards Against Humanity are things the internet is a big fan of – so combining the two is clearly absolute genius.

The internet is freaking out.

It seems everyone knows someone who this game is absolutely perfect for and we bet it’s flying off the shelves.

The expansion pack sounds super cool.

According to the seller, it comes with 99 grey cards and a whopping 180 white cards meaning it’s a pretty extensive set.

We all know how well Friends and games go together.

In one iconic episode (“The One With The Embryos”), the gang plays a bizarre trivia game together and end up swapping apartments.

We also learn some hilarious facts about the characters.

Including Chandler’s middle name, Rachel’s favorite film and Joey’s childhood toy.

The Friends are also no stranger to cards.

In a vintage season one episode, the gang get together to play poker. We wonder if, in a reboot, they’d be playing Cards Against Humanity instead?

The set has been made by an innovative Etsy user.

via Etsy

The cards were created by the shop Daisy Store Gifts who also stock expansion packs for Game Of Thrones and Harry Potter.

On the site, you can get a sneak peek.

via Etsy

And though you can see a few hints at what the cards may say, it’s only intrigued us more!

The light cards are equally tantalizing.

via Etsy

True Friends devotees can probably spot a couple of in-jokes from the snippets we see but not enough to satisfy our curiosity as to the rest!

There are two methods of purchase.

via Etsy

You can either spring for the boxed pack which is ready to play or for reduced costs, go for the PDF versions and print the cards yourself.

It’s safe to say the internet is freaking out.

It’s honestly surprising that nobody had though of this genius crossover before!

People are willing to splash the cash on this excellent item.

They certainly don’t come cheap – for Friends fans on a budget, the PDF form could provide a viable alternative.

The game is sure to provide hours of fun.

Which makes the initial price a total bargain, when you break it down over time.

We’re just hoping the game is easier than another Friends classic.

We love a challenge but the rules should at least be vaguely logical – we hope!

We can’t wait to play.

And since it seems a Friends reunion is still a long way off, this may be the only fresh content we’ll be getting for a while. Hey – we’ll take it!