Drake Goes Unrecognized by Older Couple at Basketball Game

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Have you ever heard anyone ask who Drake is when the rapper came up in conversation? Us either.


But never say never…

Because one couple had to ask who Drake was… to his face.


And, honestly, the moment made the game.

Drake had courtside seats at the OKC Thunder vs. Houston Rockets game, and I think the highlight of the game for him was meeting the 2 people he was sitting beside.


The big-time ‘God’s Plan’ rapper was sitting courtside when cameras starting capturing him.

And it wasn’t long after that the 2 people next to him turned to ask if he was famous… Something Drake probably hasn’t experienced before.


But his reaction was honestly priceless.

He actually found it rather hilarious that the couple had no idea who he was.

The camera captured the man next to Drake looking at the screen, and then at Drake as he realized he was sitting next to someone famous.


And we really wish we heard their conversation.

But, it seemed as though the old man asked him if he was a famous person, for Drake to laugh with him, and form quite a bond throughout the rest of the game.

We can’t stop watching the interaction!