Beards are magical. Beards are glorious. Beards could be little nests for tiny birds if they want to. That is how wonderful beards are. Beards have the power to make someone look totally different. Some people are completely unrecognizable when they have beards. Beards can make a person look dapper and put together or kind of unkempt and a little wild. There are also so many different types of beards for different styles!

Are you a chinstrap dude or a burly mountain man? A five o'clock shadow connoisseur or a soul patch expert? Maybe you are straight up Santa Claus. Who knows?! What I do know is that beards are super cool, they can make you look like a new human being with minimal changes, and I would grow one if I could, but sadly I cannot. The beard transformations you are about to see will blow your mind. So get ready to witness the power of facial hair.

Beards aren't just cool.

They're also extremely useful. I don't necessarily recommend eating noodles out of your own facial hair, but I do recommend making over your whole face with a beard!

Model behavior

This guy went from looking like the dude who played tuba in high school band class, to being a legit male model.

A close shave

This guy has good hair, man! He just went from having a ton of good hair to like, a more manageable amount of good hair.


Oh! I guess this guy isn't a member of ZZ Top. Could have fooled me with the picture on the left.

Saint Nick

No, really...this guy's actual name is Nick. Can't believe he came all the way from the North Pole just for a haircut!

Before and after

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Is this man a professional selfie taker? Because these are some amazing selfies. He should like, teach a class or something.

Red and blue

It's not just the lighting that's different in these photos! It's like Grizzly Adams got a makeover!

Hello mustache

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I understand trimming the beard. I think that was a good move. But that dude can never touch that mustache. It's perfect.

Hair be gone

Before his haircut, you couldn't even see that he has a giant neck tattoo! I'd say that's false advertising, my dude.

Tidied beard

Do you think this guy watched Tidying Up and Marie Kondo taught him that his scraggly beard bits no longer sparked joy?

Just a trim

Look at how much hair came off that man's beard! And it's still really long!

Salt and pepper

Super snaps for a twirly mustache! To be honest, I am loving this whole look.


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There was no cutting involved in this amazing transformation. Just a little TLC and grooming.

Bearded wonder

He sort of had that old prospector look going in, but now it's more of the college professor look.

Grown in

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This is why you never give up on your dreams. Because sometimes an awkward patch of hair becomes a beautiful beard.

Jolly man

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The guy on the left looks like your friendly neighborhood D&D dungeon master, and the guy on your right looks like your friendly neighborhood D&D dungeon master who's like, really organized.

Good faces

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Great faces. Great haircut. Next, let's work on straightening out those glasses. As a glasses-wearer myself, the photo on the left pains me.

The beard routine

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I mean, this beard routine should get a 10/10. It's amazing. It should win in the beard grooming Olympics.

Two different people

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The guy on the left is a traveler you meet in a hostel in Iceland. The guy on the right is a travel guide who takes you around Iceland.

Four stages

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It's truly epic to see four different stages of a beard trimming. I personally like the mutton chops in the upper right corner.

Dapper Manson

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Yes indeed, this guy looks like two different versions of Charles Manson. But at least he's not Charles Manson. That's the important thing.

Rounded out

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The guy on the left wears a lot of black and chains. The guy on the right wears suspenders and pocket squares.


I mean, this guy seemed to have a Chewbacca-amount of hair, but the beard trim and the haircut makes him look completely different!

A little shaping

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A tiny bit of shaping can go a long way. There wasn't much length taken off this beard, yet it manages to make this dude look completely different.

Wavy wonder

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O captain, my captain! It looks like this guy sails a ship, and if he doesn't, he should probably start.

Hidden comedian

Who knew that under all that hair was a dapper young version of Conan O'Brien during that period where he decided to grow a beard?

Instant regret

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This guy may instantly regret his beard trim, but I think he looks great! In fact, his whole face looks different. In a good way!

Drastic measures

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Two years is a long time to grow a beard, but ultimately, it's got to make you feel good!

Cleaned up

I don't know about you, but what I'm seeing is two very recognizable versions of Zach Galifianakis.

Look at this photograph!

Get it? "Look at this photograph"? Because that guy totes looks like the lead singer of Nickelback. Share this with a bearded friend for some beard-spiration!