Dramatic Photos Show the Devastating Damage Caused by Hurricane Laura | 22 Words

This week, a devastating category 4 hurricane caused horrific damage to the southwest of the USA.

Buildings destroyed.
Trees uprooted.
Fields flooded.
Homes brought to the ground.
An aerial view.
Salvaging items from a store.
A couple looks over their mobile home's site.
A business's roof ripped off.
An entire neighborhood, ruined.
A flooded Highway 27.
Lake Charles, Louisiana.
The damage to trees was intense.
A man searches his freezer.
Corrugated metal impaled on trees.
Power lines were down.
A tree blocks a road.
A collapsed building.
A power line across a gas station.
Mannequins are blown from a beauty supply store.
A destroyed storefront.
A bent road sign.
A damaged business front.
Devastated power lines.
A home's wall ripped open.
Debris lies in the flood.
A damaged mobile home.
A woman saving her dog.
Waves covering a jetty in Texas.
A destroyed home.
A home falls onto a car.
An evacuated family.
A family wait for help from the National Guard.
A roof ripped off of an apartment complex.
Horizontal power lines.
A family standing in their living room.
A flooded hotel entryway.
Smoke rising from a chemical plant fire.
Windows were blown out at the Capital One Bank Tower.
A destroyed antique store.
A barricaded rail trolley.
A man looking out from the Capital One Bank Tower.
Tidal flooding in Galveston, Texas.
Rubble in Lake Charles.
Damaged homes and flood water.
Power lines in flood water.
A footprint and crawfish in the mud.
A boy stands outside the remains of his uncle's barbershop.
A man sits on the porch of his house after the storm.
A totally collapsed building.
The front of a building pulled off.
Furniture from a wrecked hotel room.
The escalators in the Capital One building.
A man plays guitar in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
Trees furiously blown.
Water approaching the edges of a beach.
Wave watching.
Mother and son sit outside their damaged home.
A child sleeps on the living room floor of a home without power.
A house missing one whole exterior wall.
A pine tree split in half.
A man sits outside his home.
A car trapped underneath a tree.
A woman offers water to a lost dog.
A man grilling outside his house.
A tree lies across a car bonnet.
A woman surveys the scene from her porch.
Emergency workers attempt to put out the plant fire.
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