Driver Fined $173 for Drinking Water Behind the Wheel Because of a Little Known Road Rule | 22 Words

Driving can be a tricky affair and requires full concentration. After all, that's why you shouldn't go on your cell phone while behind the wheel or have your pet on your lap. You get the picture.

But what about drinking water while driving? We've probably all done it, right? Surely there isn't a problem with taking a sip of water? Well, it seems that drinking good old H2O while behind the wheel can actually land you in trouble with the law.

One man from Australia had a nasty shock when he was pulled over and fined for drinking from a plastic water bottle while driving.

And, apparently, this is all down to a little known road rule.

Panicking? Keep scrolling to find out why officers were able to fine him for the seemingly innocent act.

Driving requires full concentration.

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It only takes someone to take their eyes off the road for a split second for an accident to happen.

Hence why authorities clamped down on cell phone use while driving.

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Though it varies depending on the state, the majority of authorities prohibit cell phone use while driving.

People get pulled over for a variety of reasons.

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For example, a motorist was recently fined for having so much trash in their car.

It meant that the driver literally couldn't see properly.

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The trash strewn all over the car was obstructing the view of all directions of visibility and was hit with a $311 fine.

But what about drinking water while behind the wheel?

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Surely there's nothing wrong with that?

We've probably all done it at some point...

Taking a sip of water on a hot day seems totally innocent, right?

Well, it turns out that taking a sip of water can actually land you in a fair bit of trouble.

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And one man from Beaudesert, west of the Gold Coast, Australia, found this out on a hot day recently.

Brock Harris was driving home from work on a boiling day and decided to drink some water...

The temperature was a staggering 102.2 Fahrenheit, making it one of the hottest days of the year so far.

So he felt that there was nothing wrong with hydrating while behind the wheel...

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But, as he was approaching his house after working a twelve-hour day at work, he was pulled over.

The officer fined him $173 and gave him one demerit point for drinking water.

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The police officer said he "was not driving with due care and attention."

Harris was stunned and explained that he was "only trying to keep his fluids up..." 

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He protested after he being pulled over, but the officer told him that he was "just doing his job."

Speaking to ABC, Harris claimed that the fine "wasn't compassionate."

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"If it is against the law then I'll pay the fine, but it's not compassionate to fine someone on a 39-degree day for trying to stay hydrated," he explained.

But it turns out that drinking water while driving can actually be illegal...

A Queensland Police Superintendent explained that if the motorist loses control of the car, then drinking water is very much illegal.

Though he did admit that many people consume drinks safely while driving...

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He explained that "for us to issue a fine we have to look at the circumstances to see if the driver's actions are causing risks to themselves or others."

It isn't known what Harris was doing exactly to cause him to be hit with a fine.

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But we're sure that the officer had good cause to pull him over, regardless. We'll definitely be thinking twice before cracking open a beverage while driving... Want more shocking driving-related stories? Keep scrolling to learn about a notorious google maps detour that caused nearly 100 drivers to get stranded in a field...