Just when we need them most, pets are here to brighten our day. The only problem is, they all seem to do the weirdest things...

People are posting their strange pet behavior under the hashtag #TheDrunkGuyAtTheEndOfTheBar - and it's absolute comedy gold.

Big mistake.


We've all been there.

Although this guy is unusually cute.


A love story we can get behind.


At least it's not on you ...?

A hungry drunk guy.

They're insatiable!

ANother hungry fellow.

It often hits us after a few beverages, right?

We've all been there ...

Oh ... erm, actually, we haven't.

Nothing worse than a drunk guy plus pals.

They never have manners!

This one's particularly odd.

Never seen this before!


We've all had this experience ...


But at least you have proof!

Loud to quiet.

A blessed relief.

A drunk guy gang!

Partaking in some truly antisocial behavior.

Three distinct crimes.

The hairball is unforgivable.

This guy gives of serial-killer vibes.

Avoid him at all costs!

Not the greatest place to eat.

Or to sleep, for that matter...

One rude guy.

Poor, long-suffering girlfriend!

Both creepy and criminal.

Thighs are one thing, but lunch is quite another ...


But important!

And what about this?

So drunk she's become a drink!

An all 'round bad guy.

Those poor neighbors.

In his own world.

At least he's not yelling at us!

Looking good!

Albeit a little eccentric.

A king.

Hey, we all have our preferences!

Not a pretty sight.

But at least he's happy.

A literal dirtbag.

Stay away from my soft furnishings!

Dedication to side-eye.

We respect it!

Invasion of privacy!

Although he is kind of cute...

A playful drunk.

Better than an angry one!

Amazing scenes.

Who hasn't been at a bar like this?


Appropriate for our times...

A menace to society.

Couldn't you just have made it to bed?

The only thing worse than vomit?

Someone else's vomit.

Classic drunk guys.

When will they learn?

At least he's sleeping it off.

But why did it have to be in your office?

When hunger strikes ...

Go for what's close to hand.

Keep that horrible breath away!

Especially from our precious chins ...

Cheerios are pretty delicious.

We can see this drunk guy's point of view.

Get on the same schedule.

It's the best way to enjoy your own personal drunk guy.

These drunk guys like to get up close and personal, huh?

They're lucky they're cute.

Get some boundaries, man.

Licking crosses a line!

Wrestling drunk guys.

A classic!

Drunk and feeling nervous.

Gotta hide from ... whatever it is!

So much noise.

Especially during antisocial hours!

Drunk guys get the weirdest ideas.

Surely that can't have been comfortable?

A lonely drunk guy.

Sometimes we all just need someone to cuddle.

The immediate change of mood.

From yelling, to fast asleep, in 0.5 seconds.


Once, sure. But multiple times??

Please, do this privately.

No one wants to see it!

Learn where to sleep, guys!

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