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The star of Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, has just found out that he has a long lost daughter from an affair he had over forty-five years ago.

Keep scrolling for the full story, and to hear what he had to say on the unexpected addition to his family...

Phil Robertson has found himself in somewhat of a pickle.

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The father of the infamous Duck Dynasty clan is now having to face the consequences of some of his actions as a younger man.

Believe it or not, Phil was somewhat of a lady's man back in his day...

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And now, a woman claiming to be his long lost daughter has come forward, meaning that the Robertson's have potentially gained a sister. But first, a little more on the unconventional Robertson family...

Phil has gained profound fame from his role in the reality show, Duck Dynasty.

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Originally airing in 2012, the show followed the unconventional lives of the Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate their thriving business, Duck Commander.

Duck Commander sells a wide array of products...

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The company manufactures duck calls and other duck-hunting merchandise, as well as deer-hunting merchandise under the Buck Commander brand and turkey-hunting merchandise under the Strut Commander brand. It's an intense vibe, I know.

But, despite the peculiar nature of their businesses...

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The Robertsons have proven to be a hit with the American public, as their show, Duck Dynasty, has broken several rating records on their streaming channel, A&E.

And the fourth season of the show became the most-watched nonfiction cable series in history...

With a staggering 11.8 million viewers.

But, with their many fans...

Comes their many haters.

Admittedly, this TV show isn't going to be to everyone's tastes...

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But, with the Robertson brothers' conservative Protestant Christian views, it is hardly surprising that the family has gained their fair share of cynics over the years.

The show hasn't been shy of controversy.

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In a highly publicized GQ magazine interview, Phil made homophobic remarks and racial slurs about African-Americans.

Though the show narrowly avoided being suspended...

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This controversy did result in Phil's suspension.

And now, just when he thought the waters had settled...

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Phil has found himself embroiled in even more drama... And this time, there's no getting out of it.

In a new episode of the family's Unashamed with Phil Robertson podcast, Phil revealed some pretty shocking news.

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He explained, in a perfect Unashamed manner, how he had just found out that, back in the 1970s, he had unknowingly fathered a child.

Naughty Phil!

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Yep, it turns out that Phil had enjoyed his twenties a little too much.

Al was the one who first brought up the subject...

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He explained how he and his brother, Jase, had both received a letter from a forty-five-year-old woman named Phyliss claiming to be their sister.

At first, the brothers dismissed it as a hoax...

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Because they often get mail off people claiming to be distant relatives. But pretty quickly, they realized this was the real deal. "So basically, it was from a woman who said that by a DNA search, she thinks that dad might be her dad," Al explained. "I'm like, oh whoa ... there might be something to this."

He traced back the timeline...

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"Then I looked at the date of her birthday and I thought about when dad became a Christian and thought, he was already a Christian. We had to back up 9 months. There was a clear dividing line for dad. There was everything up until you became a Christian. A few days went by and then the more I read it the more I thought, this is something we need to figure out."

Once the brothers had concluded that Phyliss wasn't messing around, they approached their parents.

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"Of course dad didn't remember anything," he said. "It was interesting because mom remembered a lot more than you did. You were drunk the whole time and not in your own head, but mom wasn't."

Phil eventually agreed to a DNA test...

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And it came back as an incredible 99.99% match. Phil wasted no time in meeting his long lost daughter, and he is now keen for his audience to meet her, too.

On the unusual situation, Phil explained:

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"I said, bring her on down! Our audience will meet my daughter, we've already met her. It's a pretty cool explanation of redemption, reconciliation, love. As it turns out, forty-five-years, you have a daughter that you don't know about, and she has a father she doesn't know about. Forty-five-years that doesn't sound like very long but you say, that's a while. So finally, after all those years, we come together."

And Jase joked about Phyliss' reaction to becoming a member of the Duck Dynasty clan.

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"I thought, man, what a terrible deal for her. If she's not familiar with Duck Dynasty or whatever and she's gonna see that and say, there you go. She's gonna be like, 'Are you kidding me?'" I have to admit, inheriting the Robertson's as family members would be a huge shock to the system...

But what does his wife make of all of this?

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Phil said his wife, Miss Kay, has always suspected something like this could happen  but is genuinely pleased that it is a long lost daughter instead of a long lost son. "In this case, she said, 'I'm glad it's a girl,'" said Phil, "'I always wanted a daughter.'"

She has handled the whole thing remarkably well.

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You can watch the full podcast here.

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