Duct-Taped Plane Passenger Screamed His ‘Parents Are Worth $2 Million

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A drunk Frontier passenger screamed his parents were worth $2 million after groping 2 flight attendants then punched a 3rd, resulting in the crew having to duct tape him to a chair.

The footage had captured the moment Maxwell Berry, twenty-two, was duct-taped to his seat while on a Frontier flight to Florida, with him repeatedly shouting: “Help me, help,” while wriggling free from the restraints as the plane started to land.

Berry was arrested on 3 counts of battery after the incident, on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami on Saturday.

The scene began escalating after the man ordered a drink, after already having a few too many.

He had brushed an empty cup against the backside of a flight attendant who told Berry: “Don’t touch me,” according to A Miami-Dade Police report.

He then spilled his drink on his shirt and went to the bathroom, coming out shirtless, walking around for fifteen minutes, only to grope the chests of 2 female flight attendants.

“He came up from behind and put his arms around both of them and groped their breast again,” the report said.

He had also punched a male flight attendant in the face.

Alfredo Rivera was sitting behind Berry, watching him try to attack the flight attendant. “He started to get aggressive and basically attack the male flight attendant,” Rivera voiced.

The twenty-two-year-old was taken to Miami-Dade County Jail-TGK Correctional Center after the plane landed.

Frontier Airlines confirmed the incident, exclaiming that the flight attendants involved will not have to fly until investigations into the incidents are complete.

“During a flight from Philadelphia to Miami on July 31, a passenger made inappropriate physical contact with a flight attendant and subsequently physically assaulted another flight attendant,” the airline said in a statement.

“As a result, the passenger needed to be restrained until the flight landed in Miami and law enforcement arrived. The flight attendants will be, as required in such circumstances, relieved of flying pending completion of investigation of the events.”

Berry himself later retweeted the footage and said: “This will forever be the most dehumanizing experience in my entire life.

“Many people laughed and ridiculed me as I was mistreated by the staff of a PROFESSIONAL airline. Just to make matter worse, this has gone “viral” on the internet and will never disappear. My life will never be.”

“Safe to say I’m never flying Frontier again,” read one tweet.

“To be clear I DID NOT GROPE ANYBODY. This is just the stupid narrative that the media is pushing”, said another.

“Can somebody tell what the hell is funny about being duct-taped to an airplane seat? I was treated like livestock”.

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