19 Dumb Things People Have Done That Made Them Question Their Own Intelligence

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We all have moments in our lives where logic and intelligence escape us. It happens to everybody once in a while.

I think the technical term is “brain fart.”

These 19 amazing brain farts tell us that we are not alone. And that we are all sometimes temporarily really, really, really…dumb.

I frequently see a man cross a four-lane road near my home. We have a fairly similar schedule and I see him often. He’s well-known in the neighborhood and he’s deaf. NBD. I once slowed down as he crossed the four-lane in driving, white-out, downpour rain and I thought to myself, aw man, he doesn’t know it’s raining because he’s deaf.Sloots_and_Hoors

I work at a hotel front desk and I accidentally locked myself out of the area behind the desk. I was frantically trying to figure out how to get back in without calling my boss at 2 AM. I spent 20 minutes trying to waggle the door open. And then suddenly I was like “oh this counter is 4 feet high. I can climb over it.”Vardamania

A few years ago I googled “do the people upstairs have a cat?” and it has never left me :/munstre

Wanted to light a candle. Struck a match. Changed my mind about which candle I wanted to light, and decided to light a Yankee jar candle instead. Couldn’t get the lid off with one hand. Stuck the lit match in my mouth so I could use both hands to get the lid off. Couldn’t smell the scented candle. Could only smell singed nose hair for days.blinky84 I relate hard to the next one…

Went to a bank to withdraw money. Bank teller asked me how I would like it and I said: “in cash”. Bank teller just stared at me, while my friend is dying of laughter. Meanwhile, I stand not understanding the issue.extrmden7

A few years ago I could not figure out if the new electric stove was on or off. I was familiar with flame stoves so I stuck my hand flat on the heating coil. My hand had burnt circular stripes all over it. The stove was hot.kim77angle

A couple months ago, my husband and I went on a walk. There are a lot of trails where we live and a couple of lakes. So we walked down a trail to the lake, turned left up another trail, and ended up at the top of a street. We start walking down the street and I realize there is a house that has a wishing well in their front yard like we do. I point it out to my husband and then I realize they have the same truck we do, too. I point out the truck and then I realize that we were in front of our own house. It wasn’t my brightest moment.ritathecat

I once had a brain fart and forgot that porcupines were animals. I was hanging out with my family and my niece mentioned that her favorite animal was a porcupine, and I laughed for a good long time before explaining to her that porcupines weren’t animals. I’d gotten them mixed up with pine cones. I have a graduate degree. My niece was maybe 6 at the time. She schooled me.Secretlysidhe

Every elevator going down in a busy NYC hotel was already full of people so I decided to go up. When I got to the final floor I accidentally got out of the elevator instead of just staying put.mlw72z We have probably all done some version of the next one…

I was on my phone when I felt a sneeze coming on. I quickly grabbed a tissue from the box on my desk and sneezed into it. I then went to the bathroom to pee. Instead of throwing the tissue into the toilet bowl, I threw my phone in. I don’t think I’ve ever been the same since.gazinbali

Told my friend that the 4th of July celebrations must be beautiful at the place we were. We were in Linlithgow, Scotland and I was talking about the palace and loch. Friend is Scottish. For obvious reasons, they do not celebrate the 4th of July.Nopef**kthis

I took the wrong train to get back home and didn’t realize it until I had already sat in it for more than half an hour. Twice. It was the same wrong train that leaves a few minutes before the train I wanted to take. I used to commute the exact same route for years. A one-hour drive took me five hours until I got home. When I realized that I was sitting on the wrong train AGAIN, I cried.Oneminutewoman

One morning my vision was all blurry so I started freaking out and called my gramma to take me to the doctor. Then like 20 minutes later realized I just forgot to put my glasses on. I’ve worn them since 1st grade and totally forgot for half an hour.Untouchable-joy

When I was cleaning out my shed in the back, I stepped on a rake and the pole smacked me in the face. Literally, like the cartoons. It happened three more times before I came up with the bright idea to move the rake.ceeman77 The next one is laugh-out-loud funny…

I saw an animal in the woods behind my house and my immediate thought was KANGAROO! I live in Indiana.My_neighbor_is_gay

My coworker asked if there is lactose in eggs, I thought to myself “they both come from the same animal, so maybe”. For 5 seconds, I thought milk came from chickens.Mrdjenjoy

I went my whole life thinking the saying was “the ghost is clear” instead of “the coast is clear”. I’m 21 just found out yesterday at work lolJonAnimeRivera

One time I was at the dentist and I had a lot of work done and it was stressful for me so I was not thinking too clearly. (At least that’s what I tell myself). The dentist told me that when I got home I should gargle with some salt water. And I asked, in complete seriousness, “oh, ok. And where would I get that?”SnoutInTheDark

A couple of weeks ago, I heard my neighbors cat meowing, so I responded with a “meow” of my own. This went on for about 3-4 exchanges until I opened the door and found it was not a cat, it was just another dude meowing back at me. So many unanswered questions.jtroxx Share this with someone who just had a brain fart!