We all have our moments of idiocy. But not all of these moments are created equal. Some are truly astounding.

In this Reddit thread, people shared the dumbest things that others have said to them 100 percent seriously, without so much as a wink in their eye. So read on because this list will definitely make you feel better about yourself.

Silk shirts are expensive because they have to train the silkworms to weave the shirts. jigga19

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One girl thought a lime turned into a lemon which turned into an orange which turned into a grapefruit. I kinda get where she was coming from though... –Lostgirl1000

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My grandma was talking to me and my sisters about how Tom Cruise was running for president. –superchid3 Pretty sure she meant Ted Cruz...

I girl I once knew said she didn't drink water because it dehydrates you. She would only drink sports drink. –CoolnessEludesMe

I was at court, using the restroom. Someone in the stall was talking on their phone. "Of course they dropped the case, I told you they would... we should go out and celebrate, maybe have some shots... no, it won't hurt the baby at all." –Hoarf If you think that's bad, you'll get a kick out of the next one...

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A girl I used to go to school with in Oklahoma said we should road trip... to Japan. Me: ...How would we get to Japan in a car? Her: You know, from Cali! Me: ....... Her: We would use the bridge that goes from California to Japan! Me: .....Do you seriously think there’s a bridge that goes from California to Japan? Her: ....That’s what my mom told me. I never really thought about it. –StrompyFrimp

I work in an Escape Room so I have a lot. But the best one is probably when the group got a code 1337 to put into a lock, and a woman went looking around for places to use it. She found the lock the code went too, but said it wouldn't fit because the dials were only 0-9 and that they didn't go up to 13. –coconut2219

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Was talking with a friend and told her I was tired because I only slept about 4 hours last night. She responded, "yeah me too, I only slept from 12 am to 8 am... but I don't know how many hours that is..." –Seanininho

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I'm a pastry chef. Years ago I was working in a small bakery, new front of house employee shows up, I'm about to bake bread. I asked her to hand me the yeast and she says "ugh, wait, like a yeast infection? That's in my BREAD?" –Fire_And_BloodyMarys

"Why do you think I grew up so rich? We weren't rich. It's not like our staff lived with us or anything." –angrystan Infuriating, sure, but this next one is going to blow your mind...

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When I was in law school, they were increasing security in the building. They let us vote on whether we wanted key fobs or ID cards. I heard some 1L students engaged in a conversation about how the key "swabs" would be too much of an invasion of privacy, and how at least the ID cards wouldn't require a DNA sample. I'm pretty sure they thought they took a cheek swab and had to match your DNA to get in the building. –thecapedemancipator

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On a European vacation my step mom thought the Louvre was "The Lube", the Eiffel tower was the "Awful Tower", then she asked "Where the hell are we?" we answered we're in Venice, Italy, she responded, "I thought Venice was in Paris!" Oh, she also thought the Sistine Chapel was the sixteenth chapel and asked what happened to the first 15. –boobsalad

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I work at Home Depot, paint dept. Customer: hey this tarp is 8x11, but I need one that’s 11x8. Me: (laughing) that’s funny Customer: (deadly serious look) Me: wait are you serious? Customer: yeah, I’m f—ing serious Me: um, just turn it. Customer: oh, just turn it huh guy? I’ll go to Lowe’s and find someone who knows what the f—- they’re talkin about. Me: (laughing again) ok, dude. I still doubt someone out there is that stupid. I wonder if I was just being messed with. –jagdbogentag

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My sister, in Canada..."I’ve always wanted to see how they celebrate 4th of July in another country." –dcappy3

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A girl I had class with in college said she gave up carbs for lent... she wasn't Catholic... her solution was to eat BREADED fried chicken because the breading was "basically nothing" –Vipernadiaper Oh, we're not done yet...

You think these moments are dumb? Watch this guy try and take his new couch home… on a motorcycle!

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Had a girl tell me that the sun and moon are the same thing. I asked her “what about when the sun and moon are out at the same time?" She says “you’re just seeing the reflection of the sun" I couldn’t believe she was serious. –ladcfan

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"I'll get a gluten-free pizza and a pitcher of beer" –Johnny2Steaks Um yeah, beer definitely has gluten in it.

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Ah, dear Anita... "I don't know how anyone could use recycled toilet paper, that's just gross!" Someone had to point out it wasn't used toilet paper being used again. –yogorilla37

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During a trip to America, I visited a restaurant called Noble Romans. The kid working there told me I had a funny accent. I told him I was English. He replied ‘your English is pretty good, what do they speak over there?’. –[deleted]

"I quit my job because no boss is going to tell me what to do" –RedRoscoe1977 Definitely not with that attitude!

“There’s more than one organ in the body?" - iamliterallyinsane

Get thee to a human biology class...asap!

We were in a film museum and there was a film cell from the Shrek movies of Puss in Boots. A little girl asked her mother if it was a drawing. Her mother replied, "No, it's too good, it must be a photo".

- AusCan531

What a wild thing for a parent to deduce!

At Wendy’s a woman asked what’s the difference between a chili and a frosty. 

- paid-program I mean...they're two completely different things!

A girl I used to work with thought Scotland must be warmer than England because "it's up, so it's closer to the sun." - sliipz Yes, that's how the sun works.

After fighting over who should have the fan, either my friend and I, (who also had a ceiling fan) or the dogs who were in the garage. My friend was so sure that dogs were made for the heat and that's why they don't need a fan. I was so confused by her statement! Like girl people are breaking down windows for dogs in cars dying from the heat. - momolove2096 Dogs before humans...every single time.

"I could kill a meteoroid with a knife." - jerrysupervillain I'm pretty sure even The Rock couldn't kill a meteoroid with a knife.

A customer once asked me what lettuce is. I answered with "It's like salad?" and that seemed to please her, but she was at least 20 and genuinely did not know what lettuce is. - rokons Oh no, girl. Just...oh no.

In high school biology, our teacher was organizing an event to raise money to protect endangered pandas. One girl raised her hand and asked, "What are pandas gonna do with all that money?"  - awahl1994 Save the pandas and make them rich!

"How can fish fingers exist if fish don't have fingers?"

- TheEpicStef Unfortunately, I don't think there is hope for this person.

Someone tried to convince me that lightning couldn't strike in the UK. - YiffLord621 What is the logic behind this thought?

While wearing this old 50's-ish cycling shirt for a party with a 50's theme, some girl told me that was impossible because bicycles didn't exist in the 50's. - BramTo Sure, Jan. Sure.

I heard two girls in my class arguing over whether or not hedgehogs and porcupines are the same animals. - Shiska0423 I guess there are worse things to fight about.

A relative once said that the feelings are not processed in the brain but in the heart and as long as your heart is okay then you're alive.  - Faust_the_Faustinian There are some holes in this logic.

My dad thought Pearl Harbor happened in Maryland. - IComplimentVehicles Someone is a little confused about history.

My sister actually believed that England is a city. - raadude_yusufstorm Someone hand this girl a map of the world.

"Is it true you'll burn up if you stand on the equator?" - happylittlebirdskie Who wants to test this one out? I kid, I kid.

“I would’ve liked to see a vampire... too bad they’re extinct!" - Snuffles_ This is just really great. I love that this person fully believes in vampires.

I once had a coworker's wife explain to me that she always breaks her ramen block in half, so she gets twice as much ramen. - Once_Upon_a_PVT I can't take this. I'm laughing so hard.

Someone once asked me how they refilled the oyster shells with oysters. Yes, I know that many places throw them back in the ocean for new oyster habitats but they do not refill them.

- dinnerthief How? Why? What?

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Friend in college told me that if you were able to stand in a cloud you would drown... - booby111 What a bonkers thing to say.