People Are Revealing the Dumbest Things They’ve Ever Said to Celebrities

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Let me tell you a story. One time, when I was in college in Boston, I went to a free screening of I Love You, Man. Jason Segel and Paul Rudd were there to meet fans, sign posters and take pictures. Now, I love Paul Rudd. I love him so very much. And I was going to nail my interaction with Paul Rudd– he would realize that I was the one for him, and he would leave his family and everything he knew to be with me, a screenwriting major living with two roommates in Central Square.

Well, reader, I met Paul Rudd that night. We chatted as I glowed, and I touched his very soft sweater, and we took a picture. He swept me off my feet and out of the theater, and years later he’s sitting next to me as I type this, rubbing my feet and feeding my grapes.

OK, I’m lying! It didn’t go exactly like that. I sputtered and told him I loved one of his more obscure movies, and he was like, “You saw that?!” and I was like, “YesyouweresogreatyouaresogreatIjustloveyouImeanIloveditalot.” At the time, I thought I was cool as a cucumber, but looking back, I was a total spaz. Meeting celebrities sometimes make us say and do dumb things. These are those stories.

One Twitter user asked the Internet this question:

Chances are you’ve had at least one encounter with a celebrity in your life. They end up in random places! Did you keep your cool for these encounters, or did you totally lose your mind?

Lady Gaga

I don’t know who Mary Antoinette is but I bet Lady Gaga was confused and that’s all that matters!

Seth Meyers

Ah, dads! Leave it to them to be the absolute weirdest people when it comes to meeting celebrities. Why would you take a picture of just Seth Meyers?! Incredible.


To be fair, I think this is the reaction we would all have if we met Hanson, only some of us would try to keep it inside.

Chris Martin

Taking credit for Chris Martin’s song when he jokingly says “Nice song” is maybe the best response ever. I’m so glad this happened.

Kevin Jonas

It’s nice to apologize to anyone when you take all the scrambled eggs, but when you’re near Kevin Jonas, you shouldn’t take all the scrambled eggs. Period.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This might be my most favorite one on the list. In a follow-up tweet, David explained, “The best part was her reaction because she literally just stared at me.”

Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart

“Could you sandwich me” is such a hilarious, unintentionally sexual saying. But like, I’m also going to start using this all the time to see if it makes people give me sandwiches.

Norman Reedus

I love that this person told the most badass actor from The Walking Dead that his hands are soft. The best part, though, was his reaction: “Thank you, sweetheart. We try to take care of them.”

Daniel Radcliffe

Psst! Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter. He knows he’s a wizard.

Amy Poehler

I bet she was so nice and gracious about this though because she is a ray of sunshine and one of the best people ever to exist in the entire world.

Miranda Kerr

Hilarious. Miranda Kerr’s face in this photo definitely says, “Please get me away from these awkward sweaty girls.”

Michael Bublé

Mickey Bubbles. Mickey Bubbles! I cannot get over it. MICKEY BUBBLES!

Taylor Swift

This is a really nice invitation! I can’t believe Taylor had the reaction she did. That’s so mean.


Ah, the old switcheroo! That’s a good one. Especially because Mamrie Hart very much does not look like Nelly.

Maggie Smith

I understand the nerves and all because it’s Dame Maggie Smith, but this is egregious. I can imagine her perplexed stare.

Mark Ruffalo

This is a true tragedy because Mark Ruffalo is perfect the way he is and I hope he knows that. Mark, if you’re reading this, you’re great.

Camila Cabello

“Thanks, I made it myself.” Brilliant.

Daniel Day Lewis

I mean, what else are you supposed to say to Daniel Day Lewis besides like, offering him your milkshake?

Harry Styles

Everyone knows that you always, always ask Harry Styles for a hug because I bet he will be willing to hug you and I also bet he’s great at giving hugs.

Matt Damon

I do bet that Matt Damon appreciated that you were trying to avoid whacking his children in the face. That’s very kind.

Salman Rushdie

This is incredible. This little girl left Salman Rushdie at the airport thinking, “Who does she think I am?”

Paris Hilton

OK, this person was just trying to be nice and Paris Hilton was basically like, “You know I’m rich, right?” Ew.

George R. R. Martin

I mean, he’s the one who warned us that winter is coming. What else are you going to talk to him about?

Michael Keaton

This is perfect and I bet Michael Keaton is the type of person who would totally appreciate this reaction. He seems like a really cool guy.

Nick Jonas

Sometimes celebrities make you forget how to perform basic functions like shake hands or form words or not drool. I get it.

Kenny Rogers

Poor Kenny Rogers. I wonder if he was like, “This guy thinks I’m Jimmy Buffett” or if he was like, “This guy thinks I, Kenny Rogers, wrote ‘Margaritaville.'” Either one is bad.

Shia LaBeouf

Here’s the thing: Shia had to know that they were referencing Even Stevens, and instead of playing along and making a joke about it, he was mean!

Emma Watson

To be fair, I feel like Emma Watson probably gets this reaction a lot. She’s a magical person.

Britney Spears

What are you going to do, not invite Britney to the Galapagos? Share this with the friend who knows all your embarrassing celebrity moments!