Dumpling the Blind Labrador Is Looking for Forever Home | 22 Words

For any dog lover, the idea of a canine without a family or a home is basically heartbreaking. But one labrador, in particular, has the internet going into meltdown.

Dumpling, a rescue dog from the Gold Coast in Australia, has her fair share of hardships - including having lost both of her eyes. But she's looking for her forever home - and we challenge you not to feel for this cute survivor!

There's nothing quite so wholesome as a dog.

They're all wonderful in their own way.

There's a reason they've basically taken over the internet.

Cut dog content is the perfect salve in times of strife - and boy, is life today full of strife.

But there's a sad side to dog life, too.

Not every cute pooch has their own home and family - and that just breaks our hearts.

But one rescue dog has really caught the internet's attention this week.

Because this isn't your average stray - Dumpling has really been through it.

She's currently housed at Labrador Rescue in Australia's Gold Coast.

via: Labrador Rescue

But Dumpling is seeking her forever home - and once you hear her story, your heart will be thoroughly melted.

Here she is.

via: Labrador Rescue

Her story, on the Labrador Rescue website, is enough to convince anyone to adopt this cutie.

"Hello! My name is Dumpling."

"I didn’t have the best start to life but since joining Labrador Rescue my life has turned around."

"Unfortunately I was dumped at the pound at 10 years old, blind, overweight and alone."

"I had some puppies over the years and I guess my old owners didn’t need me anymore."

"Since being in care I have lost over 13 kg so I would like a new family to help me stay on this weight loss journey (although I really don’t have much more weight to lose)."

"As I am now older I find that small frequent walks are perfect for me. "

"As you can tell I have no eyes; I had to lose them as they were causing me a lot of pain."

"Now I am pain free and ready to find my new furever home."

"I live with cats and another dog."

"I am good with them as long as they don’t get right in my face as it gives me a shock sometimes ..."

"All I do is bark at them. I won’t hurt anyone."

"I would ideally like a home with no stairs."

"I can be the only pet or I can share the love and have fur siblings."

"I am okay if I’m left alone whilst you go out but it would be nice to have someone home often to keep me company in my senior years."

"I’m extremely sweet, charming and good-natured."

"I don’t need much in life just a nice warm home in which to enjoy my last few years."


"Dumpling is located on the Gold Coast and is available for adoption. She's been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm tested. She's up to date with all worming and flea & tick treatments. This gorgeous girl is available to the right family for a rehoming fee of $300."

The internet has gone wild for this cutie.

With many using social media to appeal to the locals.

We need a hero to step up.

Although it doesn't sound as though hanging out with this pooch would be too much of a hardship.

And although she's an unconventional beauty...

That doesn't make Dumpling any less worthy of love.

We just wish we lived in the right area!

And it seems we aren't the only ones.

Although maybe Dumpling is worth moving to Queensland for?

Some certainly seem to think so! For more cute dog content, scroll on. One was born this week with quite an unusual appearance.