Daughter 'Outraged' After Huge Dumpster on Her Mom's Grave | 22 Words

A daughter has been left "outraged" after discovering a large dumpster had been placed on her mom's grave, damaging several possessions...

Grieving is a difficult process.


No matter who you've lost, if they're close to you grieving can be exceptionally difficult.

And it's different for everyone.


No single grieving process is the same. The way everyone deals with a loss and their emotions is significantly different.

You can take comfort from strange things.


Some people like to forget, others like to tell stories about their loved one, others refuse to let their spirit die.

For those who choose to be buried, their graves are an incredibly important place to their families.


A place of respect and peace.

A place for loved ones to visit to grieve and remember.


But unfortunately for one family, that isn't the case...

When one daughter visited her mom's grave, she arrived to find a huge dumpster placed on top of it.


And the internet has a lot to say about it...

Twenty-year-old Shannon O'Brien had been to visit the resting place of her mom, Catherine, in Derbyshire, UK, when she found the dumpster.

The dumpster full of soil had been placed on top of her mom's grave damaging several expensive ornaments including a personalized memorial wreath.

Shannon sadly lost her mom in November 2019, after she took her own life.

Catherine, who worked as an environmental health officer, had been suffering from bipolar disorder.

For Shannon and her family, the incident has caused them further distress.

Speaking to The Derbyshire Telegraph, Shannon said: "We were absolutely outraged when visiting the cemetery that the council had done this to her gravesite. My mum sadly died to suicide and this was her resting place. For it to be treated in this way is horrifying. I can't really put it into words."

"There was more than plenty of room for the skip of dirt to be placed elsewhere, but the council thought it appropriate to place it on my mum's grave," she added.

"They'd also tossed ornaments away from the gravestone like an old rag. I do not know how people can be so insensitive in their treatment of something so special."

After finding the dumpster, Shannon contacted local authorities who explained that it would be removed the following day.

Adding that she should contact them "if the ground is not to our satisfaction."

But for Shannon, the response was unacceptable.

"We were expecting an explanation for why it happened because it shouldn't have happened at all," she said.

"They didn't even mention the broken ornaments in their response. We are disgusted and distraught by this ordeal."

"We will be taking this as high as we can to ensure that it does not happen to anyone else again."

A spokesperson for the local authority explained to The Derbyshire Telegraph: "The cemetery staff do occasionally have to place a soil box temporarily on graves within the working cemeteries in order to dig out adjacent graves, or where graves are re-opened for further burials."

"When this occurs, the council seeks to remove the soil box as quickly as possible and reinstate the grave to its original condition."

"A complaint has been received with regards to this and the matter is currently being investigated," they added.

"However, the council has apologised for the distress that this has clearly caused to the family and will be making further contact, once the investigation has been concluded."

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