Dwayne Johnson Posts Picture With Baby Yoda and Manages to Troll Kevin Hart at the Same Time | 22 Words

Internet sensations pop up left, right and center. From cute pets wearing hand-made sweaters, all the way to kids in classrooms showing off their hidden talents. And just when you think you've seen it all, something new comes along.

What I'm about to introduce to you might change your whole perception of what you think is cute. Most people think Yoda from the Star Wars series is this mysterious, weird little being. But now imagine him in a baby version. Suddenly, the whole idea of Yoda becomes adorable! And the whole of the internet thinks so too! The trend has seriously taken off and even Dwayne Johnson has decided to get involved by trolling his bestie, Kevin Hart.

Keep reading to see a list of awesome Baby Yoda-inspired memes as well as Johnson's! He's so goddamn savage!

25. United.

Baby Yoda truly holds the power.

24. "Tiny wrinkles..."

Can you believe this "baby" is fifty-years-old?

23. Baby Yoda had a little accident...

"Can I sleep in your bed?"

22. Adorable or adorable?


21. "What you looking at?"

Nothing... I swear!

20. Baby Yoda vs Ikea Monkey.

Which do you prefer?

19. Cash in on Baby Yoda.

You gotta make that dollar somehow!

18. No love lost.

I would trade any of my brothers for Baby Yoda.

17. Group chats...


16. Disney+.

Money well spent, I say!

15. Accurate portraits.

This is probably the most accurate depiction of this duo.

14. Tom Hiddleston approves.

Move out of the way Konta, Hiddleston's ready to stan Baby Yoda!

13. "Thank you for all the joy you provide us with..."

Our hearts have been stolen by Baby Yoda!

12. Baby of the Year.

Someone commented saying they'd actually kill themselves on live TV if Baby Yoda didn't win the award. Wow. Please don't do that.

11. How's the crib?

This is literally how every Baby Yoda fan is spending their time.

10. Baby Yoda vs Baby Pokemon.

It's a tough one...

9. Disowned.

I wholeheartedly agree.

8. Baby fever.

Can someone please release Baby Yoda toys so we can at least have something to cure this fever?

7. "...And the Baby Yoda."

That sounds about right.

6. "Give him to me!"

I really want my own Baby Yoda!

5. Baby Yoda vs Baby Groot?

Another difficult decision...

4. The Baby Yoda account.

Someone's dedicated an entire account to being Baby Yoda. Yikes.

3. Speaks Baby Yoda does.

I'm getting a little too invested into this...

2. Fight me outside.

If you try attacking this baby, then you've got a whole army to get through.

1. "Dream about me you will."

This is true.

And our favorite Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson decided to get involved too!

Check out his impressive Baby Yoda meme!

And the caption was even funnier...

He wrote this: Thank you all so much for your well wishes, love & support. Can’t wait to bring this little nugget home to meet his brother @kevinhart4real."

Obviously, the actor took the chance to troll his on-and-off-screen bestie!

via: Instagram

Previously, Johnson had posted a similar meme but with Kevin Hart in there instead of Baby Yoda. We're just happy to see this hilarious friendship still going strong.

However, despite being tagged thousands of times...

Kevin Hart has yet to reply to the lighthearted dig.

And if you're in the mood to read more about their star-studded friendship then keep scrolling.

Remember when Kevin Hart got into an accident that left him hospitalized? Well, his best buddy, was there to support him the whole way through this difficult time.