Dwayne Johnson Shares Photos of Chaotic Morning Routine With Daughters Jasmine and Tia

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Dwayne Johnson has given fans some insight into his morning routine with 2 young daughters, and the photos are chaotic.

We’re exhausted just looking at them…

The Rock is truly an amazing dad…

And his latest Instagram post proves what a great parent he is.

Scroll on to see for yourself…

Now, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world.

With his staggering 6 ft 5 inches, 260 lbs frame, he’d be pretty hard to miss – but it’s his expressive face (and infamous eyebrows) that really set him apart from the rest.

He started out in the world of WWE, where he became one of the greatest wrestlers of all time…

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This is where Johnson first earned his nickname “The Rock” – thanks to his ring presence.

However, he decided to try his hand at acting, knowing there was limited longevity in wrestling…

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Johnson successfully transitioned his career into this sphere and is now as well known as an actor as he was as a wrestler, which is pretty impressive.

And when it comes to Johnson, we can’t pass up the opportunity to share this picture…

This brilliant image of him wearing a turtleneck, gold chain, and, inexplicably, a fanny pack, is a particular highlight that the internet loves to bring up.

Since starting his acting endevor, Johnson has been in a whole host of different titles…

Johnson is probably most famous for his performances in the Fast and Furious movies. He plays Luke Hobbs, an intimidating special agent and self-described “ice cold can of whoopass.”

He even made it to Disney…

Johnson voiced the demigod Maui in the huge Disney hit Moana – complete with an amazing song and rap which sent the internet into hysterics.

But we’ll always know him as The Rock, no matter what he decides to take on…

He’s one of the most famous wrestlers of all time and has numerous titles and awards. Despite technically retiring from wrestling in 2004, The Rock still makes public appearances from time to time.

So it’s safe to say Johnson has built an enviable career for himself.

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Transitioning from one niche area and building an enormous Hollywood career out of it is no mean feat – it’s clear Johnson is a savvy businessman.

And just a genuinely nice guy…

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For a long time, many have cited Johnson as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood for countless reasons:

The first being, he’s always great to his fans.

Frequently posting about meeting them on his social media.

And of course, one of thing that always melts peoples hearts…

He takes care of his mom.

He just seems like an all-round good guy.

And his latest post proves just that!

Above all things, he’s a great dad!

Despite having a busy schedule, he is always spending as much time as he can with his three girls.

And his latest post has given some insight into his hectic mornings with 2 “tornados…”

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He shared a series of photos with his daughters Jasmine, 6, and Tia, 3, from Sunday morning.

It was clear that the day started off pretty hectic…

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And people are loving the candid post…

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“Daddy made Sunday morning breakfast for the two tornadoes,” he captioned the photos.

Explaining that the sweet moment “quickly turned into watching the ‘evil pond monsters’ that apparently live in ponds behind kid’s houses on YouTube.”

He wrote: “Jazzy (unicorn dress) trying to assess how to track down these pond creatures with strategy & stealth. While Tia (red superhero costume) shifted those eyes and energy to… ‘Dear pond monster, if you come near my family, you better send your soul to heaven ~ cuz your ass in mine.'”

He concluded his post: “Enjoy your Sunday with your families,” including the hashtags #daddysgirls, #tornadowarning, and #sundaymorningmayhem.

You can check out his post below…

What a guy!