The Rock Downs Half a Bottle of Tequila Without Flinching | 22 Words

Not only is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson one of the most loved celebrities of all time, but he is also always up for a challenge from fans.

And his latest video might be the most impressive yet...

A new video has emerged of Johnson showing off his drinking skills.

Let's just say, he must have a lead stomach.

Keep scrolling to see the shocking video for yourself...

But first, let's get one thing straight.

The Rock is the most beloved man in showbiz.

Don't believe me?

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We have a list of reasons.

And his latest video could leave you wondering if he's even human...

1. He's a great father.

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Dad to 3 girls, he is constantly spending as much time as he can with them, despite his busy schedule.

After the birth of his third child, he posted this on Instagram:

Have you ever read something so heartwarming?

2. He's amazing to his fans!

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He spends a lot of time surprising his biggest fans and giving them probably the best experience of their lives.

He constantly posts about meeting them on his social media.

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And most of them would risk their lives to get a picture with their favorite celebrity. On multiple occasions, people have stopped traffic to try and get close to him!

3. "You can feel him before you see him."

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In an article by Rolling Stone, director Brad Peyton said: "There’s a buzz in the air – a rumble. Maybe that rumble comes from the fact that he’s 250 pounds of muscle, I don’t know. But when he walks on set, there’s a definite sense that it’s game time."

4. He eats a lot!

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It might be a weird thing to love him for, but listen to this!

The Rock has a daily diet that consists of 5,165 calories! This comes out to 7 meals a day!

This is the real-life "Man vs Food!"

His "Cheat Day" consists of: "Chocolate chip & peanut butter cookies with Oreo cookie ice cream, 1 slice of cheesecake,

"1 big ass chocolate fudge cookie with salted caramel chips."

You could never devour this sugar infested meal like The Rock could.


5. He 's one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time.


From epic storylines to fierce battles in the ring, The Rock has given us some of the best WWE matches in history.

If you haven't watched The Rock demolishing his opponents in the ring, then you're really missing out.

His most dramatic rivalries include the likes of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

6. He takes care of his mom.

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This one tugs at the heart-strings quite a bit.

In a Facebook post, he revealed this:

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"At fourteen, I saw my mom crying about our only car being repossessed. This felt good. Merry Christmas, mom." If you don't love him already, then you need to go and see a doctor. I think you're missing a heart.

7. He doesn't take himself too seriously.

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You only have to watch one of his interviews to realize that, or take a look at his Instagram page, which is equally as uplifting...

And in his latest video, Johnson has proven just that...

Now, most of us spend at least five minutes psyching ourselves up before shotting tequila.

But Johnson is clearly made of much sterner stuff...

Having managed to finish off half a bottle without any issue at all...

And people have a lot to say...


The star was responding to a challenge from TikToker Fia James @fiajames, who asked followers if they could shot Tequila without pulling a face.


In her clip, she said to the camera: "You know what? You're not that hard. Take a shot of tequila without making a face. Bet you can't, b****."

Obviously, The Rock had to get involved...


Downing his own brand Teremana Tequila, which clearly goes down a lot smoother than what we're all used to.

The Rock captioned the video: "Cue 'Welcome to the Jungle.'"


The tequila brand was launched in March last year, and it has gone down a storm.

Check out his impressive, if not slightly worrying clip below...


I’ll take the tequila shot challenge....with a smile😉🥃 ##teremana ##tequilashots

♬ original sound - Fia James

This has got to be water, right?

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