Dwayne Johnson's Dark Past Could Come Back To Haunt Him if He Runs For President | 22 Words

Dwayne Johnson has long been a much-loved celebrity, but that could all change if he runs for president and his dark past comes back to haunt him...

Now, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world.

With his staggering 6 ft 5 inches, 260 lbs frame, he'd be pretty hard to miss - but it's his expressive face (and infamous eyebrows) that really set him apart from the rest.

He rose to fame as a professional wrestler...

This is where Johnson first earned his nickname "The Rock" - thanks to his ring presence.

But Johnson also made a clever career move...

Knowing that there was limited longevity in wrestling, Johnson successfully transitioned his career into another sphere. He's now as well known as an actor as he was as a wrestler.

He's also known for being a beloved internet presence.

This brilliant image of him wearing a turtleneck, gold chain, and, inexplicably, a fanny pack, is a particular highlight that the internet loves to bring up.

He's had some iconic movie roles.

Johnson is probably most famous for his performances in the Fast and Furious movies. He plays Luke Hobbs, an intimidating special agent and self-described "ice cold can of whoopass."

Younger fans may know him from somewhere else though...

Johnson voiced the demigod Maui in the huge Disney hit Moana - complete with an amazing song and rap which sent the internet into hysterics.

But for many, Johnson will always be "The Rock."

He's one of the most famous wrestlers of all time and has numerous titles and awards. Despite technically retiring from wrestling in 2004, The Rock still makes public appearances from time to time.

So it's safe to say Johnson has built an enviable career for himself.

Transitioning from one niche area and building an enormous Hollywood career out of it is no mean feat - it's clear Johnson is a savvy businessman.

And he's never been short of fans...

For a long time, many have cited Johnson as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood for countless reasons:

The first being, he's a great dad!

Despite having a busy schedule, he is always spending as much time as he can with his three girls.

Then, he's always been great to his fans.

Frequently posting about meeting them on his social media.

And of course, one of thing that always melts peoples hearts...

He takes care of his mom.

He just seems like an all-round good guy.

But his latest move could damage that...

It seems the star could be looking to transition his career yet again.

Getty Images

This time into politics.

In an interview earlier this year, Johnson told USA Today that he may consider a presidential run if it's "what the people wanted."

"I would consider a presidential run in the future if that's what the people wanted," he said.

"Truly I mean that, and I'm not flippant in any way with my answer."

"That would be up to the people... So I would wait, and I would listen. I would have my finger on the pulse, my ear to the ground."

During last years presidential election, Johnson was the third most backed candidate.

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Despite not even running for it!

But while he could be a popular candidate now...

This may not stay the case...

Because it turns that Dwanye Johnson has a dark past that could just come back and haunt him...

Back 2016, The Rock's return to WWE's, Raw stirred up issues of sexism.

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During his return, The Rock spotted another WWE superstar, Lana, backstage and began recalling an apparent fling they'd had previously.

He recalled the multiple sexual positions they'd tried, including the "one-legged Russian vacuum."

Before Lana's fiancé, Rusev, walked over and The Rock congratulated him on having a wife who was so flexible.

The rant is said to have been unscripted.

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And many fans believed that Lana looked truly uncomfortable and somewhat shocked by the whole thing.

Then there's the tasteless tweet where he referred to himself as a "buff lesbian lunch lady."

"Hands down @Sethrogen. He looks bad ass and I look like the buff lesbian lunch lady," he wrote.

And of course, the time Johnson made homophobic and misogynistic 'jokes' about John Cena.

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As per the Bleacher Report, Johnson made comments about Cena claiming he is allegedly gay, a teletubby, a wannabe rapper and has lady parts.

And finally, an old video that one fan previously found from many years ago...

With Johnson clearly taking part in a small comedy sketch, where he said he had created "the most evil invention in the world."

A child molesting robot...

Not something to be joked about really...