These Everyday Items Have Hidden Secrets

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The world is not always as it seems.

I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but you can’t trust everything that you see. There are so many things in the world that appear as one thing but in fact are something entirely different. If you didn’t know this already, it’s time you came to understand the truth. I’m not trying to make you paranoid– just vigilant.

After looking through the images in this gallery, you may find yourself peering closely at everyday items, waiting for them to give up their secrets. You may even break some items in your home apart, trying to expose the truth. I get it. I’m right there with you. These pictures are downright disturbing.

But we’re gonna get through them together. Ready? Let’s go.

Hey dog, we heard you like dog toys.

So we put a dog toy in your dog toy!  


Not only is it super strange to see a golf ball lodged inside a tree limb; it’s also super bizarre to see the inside of a golf ball! Are they all pink on the inside?


I’m sure there is some kind of metaphor in here about how even the strongest people have weakness inside them. Or it’s a way to save money in the manufacturing process.

A crab in a mussel?!

This crab is clearly not having the best day. Although, I’d say he’s having a way better day than the mussel.


There’s a bell pepper inside this bell pepper! I’ve seen it all now.

Just kidding!

Here’s another bell pepper with a living, breathing ant inside of it! Now I’ve seen too much!

Which came first? The egg or the egg inside the egg?

They say that in order to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs, but I didn’t realize they’d all be in the same shell.

Orange you glad?

I mean, any day with a single orange in it is a good day. Double oranges? That’s a double good day.

Let’s go shopping!

This is great if you want to take any of your friends from The Borrowers shopping. They’ve really thought of everything, huh?

Good advice, I guess.

Sure. I guess lying to your doctor would be a bad idea. Not sure why my sweater is telling me that, though.

This pen is amazing.

Know anyone currently enrolled in a chemistry class? They’d probably love a pen like this! Especially on test day.


I’ve been wondering what that guy was up to lately! Everyone kept telling me he has been dead for hundreds of years. It turns out was hiding in a yogurt container.

Seeing some dice in a knight chess piece? That’s pretty weird.

But it’s not like finding dice inside your dice. That’d be impossible.

Or WOULD it?!

I guess they really, really wanted this die to be blue. This also makes me want to crack open every die in my house. And I have a lot of them.

Cue the cue ball.

If the cue ball is actually another regular pool ball, can you count it as a scratch if it goes into a pocket? We’re asking the important questions here at 22 Words.

Interesting pocket choice.

Why is there a pocket specifically for condoms? Can condoms not go in a regular pocket? I have so many questions here.

It’s a tree inside a tree!

There are only two levels of interest in this picture. Call me back when there are tree.  

An extra brick-y brick.

I’m very confused about the chain of events that led to this brick with an added layer of brick. What is it used for? Why does it exist? Are there any bricks we can trust?

Have you ever opened up a snap bracelet?

Not only is it a stylish fashion accessory– but it’s also a measuring device! Why don’t more jewelry makers hide measuring implements inside their wares?


Apparently, it’s pretty common practice to put rejected or malformed statues inside of other statues in order to give them more heft and make them feel like they’re made with higher quality materials. This makes me want to smash every statue in sight if I’m being honest.

It protects your iPad and your teeth.

On the one hand, I applaud the manufacturers for reusing items that would probably otherwise end up in a landfill. On the other hand, this is very weird, right?

There’s a lighter in this lighter.

You know what we have to do now, right? Crack open the little lighter.

I guess some people might enjoy this.

Not me, though. I think this is weird.

Inside a bocce ball:

Does anyone else suddenly have a craving for confetti cake?! Just me?

Double the pill.

Is the outer pill just there for decoration? That little pill is wearing a pill costume.

Periodic Table Pants.

The pen makes sense. These would be a little trickier to use on a chemistry test.

You found a potato!

If this ever happened to me, I’d probably go out and buy a lottery ticket immediately. That’s gotta be a sign of good luck, right?

This one is just nuts.

Is this common practice?! I’m really starting to doubt everything around me now.

A very strong tree.

Oh yeah. That tree is not going anywhere. Not sure why it’s filled with bricks? It’s going to be there forever now.

Double the candles!

I would like to see this same design implemented in jars of peanut butter. Share this with someone who will get a kick out of it!