Easy DIY Holiday Projects That Will Make It Look Like You Actually Have Your Life Together

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Christmastime is here! It’s magical and wonderful and cozy and just pretty much the best.

I’ve found that as I get older, my favorite part of the holiday season (aside from having a couple days off from work) is decorating my house. There’s something so magical about sitting in front of the fire (real or digital version) while surrounded by a cozy home decorated with pinecones, stockings, and twinkling lights.

If you’re looking for a good Christmas-y craft, then you’re in luck! Here are 30 DIY decor projects that will make your home into a winter wonderland. Most of them don’t require too much money or effort and can be completed in an afternoon.

So break out the hot glue gun, crank up your Christmas playlist, and let’s get crafting!

1. Seasonal Lanterns

I always see these large lanterns at places like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. Add a few pinecones, fake snow, ribbon, and greenery, and ta-da! Instant Christmas decoration. These would look great out on your porch. Best of all, you could easily swap out the stuff inside depending on the season.

2. Dried Orange Garland

I recently caved and bought one of these off of Etsy, but after looking up how easy they are to make, I wish I had saved the money and done it myself! These orange slice garlands are so pretty and they smell lovely, too! And speaking of oranges…

3. Orange Pomander

Hey, it’s a classic for a reason! A simple orange studded with cloves makes for one of the easiest and best-smelling decorations around!

4. Cranberry Vase

Hey! Cranberries float! Put them in a hurricane vase with a floating candle and some sprigs of greenery and you have a centerpiece fit for any holiday table. As long as we’re decorating with cranberries…

5. Cranberry Vase (Part 2)

You can also fill a vase up with cranberries and add some flowers. I love the way these white roses look with the contrast of the cranberries!

6. Cranberry Popcorn Garland

If you still have cranberries left over, they make for an excellent garland. Pop some popcorn and you can add that, too! (Or you can just snack on it. No judgment here.)

7. Sophisticated Hurricane Candle

I like the look of this simple greenery tucked into a hurricane vase, too. Add a candle to make it look extra cozy. You really can’t go wrong when you’ve got candles.

8. Twinkly Pinecones

Grab some pinecones from outside (or from the craft store) and stack them inside a tall vase with battery-powered twinkle lights. Can you say magical?

9. Pinecone Garland

You can also use pinecones to create a rustic garland. Use a little bit of white paint to add snow, if you wish.

10. Candy Cane Vase

Hook some candy canes around the edge of a vase to instantly bring your everyday glassware into the holiday season. Bonus tip: You can eat the leftovers.

11. Cupboard Bows

This one is super simple but it makes a drastic impact. Add large bows to your kitchen cupboard doors! You could also tie them onto doors in your house. Bows everywhere!

12. Ribbon Garland

Tie ribbon and fabric scraps around a string of lights to create another type of garland. Can you have too many different garlands in your home at Christmastime? I don’t think so.

13. Ornament Wreath

Now is the time to get your wreath game on lock. This one — made with a bunch of ornaments — is so cheery and delightful!

14. Snowy Mason Jars

Add some salt to the outside of a Mason or jelly jar to create this snowy look! A tealight dropped inside makes it glow!

15. Christmas Tree Mason Jars

Here’s another craft you can do with those Mason jars. Make a stencil out of painters tape, then paint over it and remove the tape to reveal the design. So simple! So lovely!

16. Snowman Spoons

How fun are these? All you have to do is paint some wooden spoons white, then add eyes, a mouth, and a carrot nose! These would look so darling propped up in a Mason jar in your kitchen!

17. Plastic Spoon Trees

This one might take a little more time, but the final product is totally worth it. You almost can’t even tell it’s made out of spoons!

18. Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is made from stacked coffee filters. Coffee filters are so cheap! This craft is perfect for the Christmas crafter on a budget.

19. Parchment Paper Garland

That’s right, it’s time for another garland! This one is made from circles cut out of parchment or wax paper and glued onto a bit of string. The way the light shines through the circles is perfectly enchanting.

20. Glitter Candles

White pillar candles like these can usually be found for pretty cheap — possibly even at the dollar store. Add a little bit of glitter to take things to the next level. You know you want to.

21. Twinkling Candleholder

Those little, colored stones are also a staple at most dollar stores. Glue them to the outside of a votive candle holder and get ready to be amazed.

22. String Art

This craft might take a little more time than some of the others on this list, but I just love the final product! Hammer some nails into a board in the shape of a Christmas tree (or another holiday shape), then wind embroidery floss around the nails to fill the shape in.

23. Coffee Can Snowman Hat

This snowman hat is made from a coffee can, paper plate, and a variety of decorations. You might even be able to make this one today, depending on what’s in your recycling bin at the moment.

24. Peppermint Platter

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best thing you could possibly do with those little peppermint candies. It’s so functional!

25. Cotton Ball Garland

I never realized that cotton balls look like tiny snowballs! This garland might be my favorite one on the list (although honestly, it’s pretty hard to choose).

26. Coffee Stirrer Star

Glue some popsicle sticks or coffee stirrer sticks into the shape of a star, then glue on some sprigs of greenery. This is the perfect minimalist decoration.

27. Garland Wall Treatment

You could either make your own garland or get some faux ones from the craft store. Either way, I love the way it looks to have multiple garlands hanging from a wooden dowel like this!

28. Bay Leaf Candle

Use a piece of ribbon to tie a bunch of bay leaves around a candle holder. Voila! Instant table decor.

29. Shadow Box

You could recreate this with a shadow box from the craft store and vinyl letters — or you could use a paint pen to write on the glass!

30. Glittery Reindeer

Glitter cardstock is relatively inexpensive. Trace some designs onto it and cut them out for a quick, classy decoration. Share this with someone who loves Christmas and loves crafting!