19 Easy, Low-Stress Crafts That Will Make Your Kids Think You're Martha Stewart | 22 Words

The weekend will be here before you know it, so now's the perfect time to start making your plans for how you'd like to spend your days off.

There are few things more fun than working on craft projects together with your kids.

They're away from their various electronic screens, you get some quality family time, and you might even end up with some amazing decorations to hang up around the house.

So, without further ado...

Let's get crafty! (Don't worry; none of these crafts require the use of a power drill.)

1. Yarn Block Printing

All you need for this craft is some yarn, some blocks of wood (or anything block-of-wood-shaped), some paint, and paper. When you're done, you'll be left with an awesome piece of modern art.

2. Giant Sunflower

This is a great way to upcycle those oatmeal containers that typically end up in your recycling bin. I can totally see a bunch of these being used to decorate a kid's room.

3. Star Garland

Here's a dainty garland you can make using only a bit of stone clay, some baker's twine, and hot glue. Obviously, you could make any shape, so don't feel limited to stars only!

4. Flower Pounding Tote Bag

Looking for a way to blow off some steam? Grab some greenery and flowers from outside, tape them to a tote bag, cover them with a light towel, and lightly tap with a hammer. The color and shapes of the flowers will transfer to the fabric, leaving you with a beautiful spring-inspired tote bag (and your stress will be relieved, too).

5. Lunch Bag Jellyfish Puppets

Here's another craft that only requires super basic supplies but can provide several hours of fun. Let your kids paint or color some lunch bags, then cut the tentacles (with some pinking shears, if you have them) and put on a jellyfish puppet show!

6. Egg Carton Wreath

What better way to welcome spring than by creating a floral wreath to hand on your door? If you've got some egg cartons and paint lying around, this craft is pretty much free.

7. Homemade Watercolor Paints

This craft is a double whammy. First, you and the kids can make the paint, then you can create masterpieces with the paint! Double the craft time! Maybe you could split this activity between Saturday and Sunday and make a whole weekend of it.

8. Paper Cup and Bowl Fairy House

With a bit of paint and imagination, a paper cup and bowl can easily be transformed into a fairy house. No need to stop there  — why not create a whole fairy village while you're at it?

9. Salt, Glue, and Watercolor Painting

Painting with watercolors is already a lot of fun, but if you really want to take it to the next level, add glue and salt to the mix. Squirt some Elmer's glue onto your paper, then add a bunch of salt. Shake off the excess (kind of like what you do when you add glitter to stuff), and paint away! When you touch your paint brush to the glue, the salt soaks it up and the color travels through it like magic.

10. TP Tube Birdfeeder

This craft is for the birds. Literally. It's for birds. Smear some peanut butter on a toilet paper tube, then roll it in birdseed. Hang it up and wait for the birds to come to you to enjoy their treat.

11. Puffy Slime

Kids are still into slime, right? It's probably time you got into it too. This one is puffy and colorful and just all-around magical.

12. Squirt Gun Painting

This might be the most fun thing I've seen all day. Add some liquid watercolors (and water) to a cheap squirt gun and squirt it at a piece of paper. Brilliant. Although probably a craft you'll want to do outside.

13. Clothespin Foosball Table

For this craft, all you need are some wooden dowels, clothespins, and a shoe box. Get some paint and wrapping paper to take it to the next level.

14. Borax Crystals

Everyone agrees: Crystals are amazing. Easily make your own with water, food coloring, and Borax. For this next craft, you'll just need a Tupperware container, some dirt, and a few popsicle sticks...

15. Popsicle Stick Fairy Garden

Isn't this adorable? Look around your house for little knickknacks and doodads to make your tiny fairy garden as magical as possible. You could even plant some actual herbs in the dirt!

16. Paper Tube Fireworks Painting

If you still have toilet paper tubes leftover from the birdseed craft, you could cut them, dip them in some paint, and use them to create fireworks. Or flowers! Or random abstract designs.

17. Paper Cup Kaleidoscope

Here's another craft that uses paper cups and plates. With this one, you can create an enchanting kaleidoscope that could keep your kids (and you!) entranced for hours.

18. Twig Rafts

Create a little raft out of twigs and play with them in the bathtub! Or, find a nearby stream and race them!

19. Bubble Painting

Here's one more painting technique that's a lot of fun and provides you with awesome art, too. Blow bubbles and capture them on a piece of paper! Know a parent, babysitter, or someone else who would love to do some crafts this weekend? Send this list to them!